Secular Nation Podcast Episode 70

I few days back I posted the link to the PDF of my article from the January – March 2010 issue of Secular Nation magazine. The most recent episode of the Secular Nation Podcast features me reading the article.

Download MP3 (28:23min, 13MB)

Thanks to David Driscoll for editing the show together. And thanks to Tom Melchiorre for giving me the opportunity to write the article.

Let me know what you think.

Brother Richard

  • Jim Thompson

    Enjoyed listening to you read it. I had read it once (quickly), but having your voice inflections brought the points out more clearly.

  • Sarnia Skeptic

    I think you are a strident and rude fundamentalist…
    and I love you for it.

    It is amazing how people quickly call us fundamentalists and thrive on the word "strident" when referring to the likes of Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, etc. – amazing simply because they are accepting someone else's word for it – and that "someone else", like them, obviously have never read or listened to either of them.

    My wife will suggest that there are times when religion deserves some respect but, when others bring god to the table, we should be able to indulge :)

    Can't wait until we can get together for some more communion wafers! This time I'll bring salsa with them.

  • Adam Mann

    Well written.