CBN News Video: Atheists and the White House

Pat Robertson’s CBN News has covered the historic meeting of the Secular Coalition of America with the Obama administration. Here’s the video:

Who would have thought that in 2010, it would still be acceptable to be bigoted toward a group of Americans?

I am proud of my friends at the SCA, and happy that Atheist Nexus is one of their endorsing organizations.

Brother Richard

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  • Kevin

    99.9%???? Where does this guy get his numbers?

  • Brian C Posey

    Wow two sentences in before he said something wrong.

  • billybee

    Woo Hoo !!!!!!
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first beer

  • Jay Bee

    Man, every time I hear “unelected judges” it makes my hair stand on end. These people would just toss the entire constitution aside if it meant they could have their happy little Christian police state. And I’m sure there would still be unelected judges in that state, eh?

  • erniepaul izereckt

    Stupid believers can't stand defeat:)

  • Rowan

    Another great piece ruined by a bombastic, and misinformed talking head.