Honoring atheism is overdue

Referring to the Secular Coalition of America’s meeting with White House officials, Rich Mayfield says on SummitDaily.com:

The time is long past to fully honor atheism as a viable understanding of reality and a philosophy that can provide meaning for engaging in a moral and productive life. The continuing prejudice against atheistic proponents is tantamount to racial bigotry, gender bias or homophobia. One hopes that more national leaders will come out of the theological closet and admit their religious reservations and resistance. Hopefully, last week’s meeting was a courageous first step in that process.

From your mouth to Darwin’s ears Rich!

Brother Richard

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Quote of The Day II
  • Rick

    Sad commentary! Intellectual dishonesty! Atheism has nothing to offer but deception at a higher level than the average intellect can comprehend, but it is deception still! I find it amusing that the word Atheist is a very direct contradiction to its belief system. Makes the person involved (a "theist)." Sort of amusing but so very telling. Atheism is a religion after all. Its god (little g) is the god of the humanist – man himself. Pitiful and weak replacement for any real God that might exist; especially the Christian concept of God.

    Prejudice against atheistic proponents? If you believe that, you have to believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy! I borrowed that phrase from many conversations with atheists who downgrade Christians and others for their belief in deity. I just couldn't resist! The world is a breeding place for atheists and every other kind of resistance against what some consider to be God. If anything, the real resistance is against God! I believe the Christian Bible says that the fool says in his heart that there is no God. Not a popular scripture if you are an atheist. I wonder what can be done about that. I guess we'll all find out after we die unless there is some way to know sooner than that. I, for one, think that there is.

  • Brad1990

    The “a” in atheist comes from the greek, meaning “without”, as “Theist” comes from the greek “Theos” meaning “a god”; literally “without a god”. Try reading sometime.

    And Atheism has a lot to offer. For example, I live my life as I please without going out of my way to appease a non-existant being. It’s much more fun than spending interminable hours in church being told you were born a sinner and are going straight to hell unless you give them 10% of your income. Plus, you know, evidence. Either way I’m better off than you.