Interview with Michael Middlebrooks about Florida Governor Charlie Crist

Last week, I brought to your attention the rumor circulating about atheist Michael Middlebrooks and his alleged confrontation with Florida Gov. Charlie Crist. In a special report of Atheist News, Joe and I had the opportunity to interview Middlebrooks to get his side of the story. We attempted to contact Governor Crist several times, but were unable to obtain a comment.

You can stream the episode here. Or listen to the two part YouTube version below:

Please join me in contacting Governor Crist’s office and other media outlets. At the very least, voters deserve to know how the Chief Executive of Florida feels about his non-theistic constituents. His office number is: (850) 488-7146. His email address is

Brother Richard

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  • ecorona

    and someone please get him to explain how a supposed heterosexual has had so many rumors of gay encounters for so long for so long for so long

  • mighein

    The guy was clearly looking for an argument. Crist may be a a dipshit but this kid was just getting in his grill. His admission that he wasn't overly polite is pretty much a statement that he was being an asshole. But that's just my take on it.

    Brother Richard, you did a good job of asking the right questions and framing Crist's position.


  • soothsaber

    It seems that the consensus is that Crist is Gay. If so, wouldn't this make him a hypocrite!

  • NoSacredCow

    I don't care if he's straight or heavily closeted.

    Crist never saw a campaign promise he could keep. Example: his stance on stem cells. (first he was for it, once elected he was against it) Then he installed that GOP party puppet Lemieux in Martinez' seat presumably to hold it for him. I will be working hard against him and Rubio during this election cycle.

  • Ralph

    That is like asking if a lion is bigoted against zebras. It is the natural order. People are just blobs of protoplasm pre-programmed by genetics and reacting to stimuli. A person has no more control over their thoughts or actions than a crocodile.