Rep. King and Beck say health care bill is an affront to God

Forget all the philosophical and political discussion about whether the American government should reform the medical insurance industry. Glenn Beck and representative Steve King have another reason why the current health care bill should not pass. It is an “affront to God!”

Check out this YouTube video:

Wow! First, the Sabbath is on Saturday.

Second, zero of the founding fathers were Catholic. Therefore, Lent was meaningless to them.

Third, neither of these men should be take seriously. King is a creationist who believes the Earth is 6,000 years old, and Beck is follows a religion based on mythologies not even 200 years old and a conspiracy theorist.

Forth, see one, two, and three.

Brother Richard
(props: Atheist Media)

Rep. King and Beck say health care bill is an affront to God
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  • Bob Younce

    As to your second point: What?!? Since when did Anglicans not observe Lent?!? The founders were primarily Anglican, with the occasional NonConformist or Baptist thrown in. And, in the 18th century, many of those also followed the Christian calendar.

    Again, you really ought to consider at least basic fact checking. This is more than a little silly, friend.

  • Geoff

    Yep, the Lent point was not that relevant. But I think Brother Richard's 3rd point is extremely relevant.

    As for "you really ought to consider at least basic fact checking" – nice use of sarcasm, Bob. I used to be a master of sarcasm too – until I was about 13.

  • Geoff

    So you can't vote during Lent? That's a new one!!! That's nearly 6 weeks when Christians don't think government should work. They'll be cordoning off Advent next.

    "Respect for God" What exactly is a god, again? Which of the thousands of deities are you banging on about now?

    It's funny – I live in England. We see the National Health Service as one of the best things that happened in the last century. Nearly all Christians would complain if it were taken away. And it works. I get good service, quickly, without worrying about finance. I pay for it monthly out of my salary, sure, but everyone does. And those unable to work get good basic care. From here, it seems that some Americans don't care for each other that much.

  • Captain Midnight

    Actually there was one Catholic signatory to the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carrol, the last surviving signatory. Signing the Declaration might not make one a 'Founding Father' but it's worth mentioning.

  • Barbara

    Thanks for the video. Actually well-explained!!!! I will bookmark and come back again!!!

  • Steven Cohen

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