Demand Hovind and Fischer Apologize to Connecticut Shooting Victims

I’m sure you have heard about the tragic Connecticut school shooting this morning. It is being reported as “one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history.

I’m sure nearly everyone reacted the same as me, and wholeheartedly agreed with the words expressed by Obama:

“ We’ve endured too many of these tragedies in the past few years. And each time I learn the news, I react not as a president, but as anybody else would as a parent. And that was especially true today. I know there’s not a parent in America who doesn’t feel the same overwhelming grief that I do.”

The President went on to say:

“This evening, Michelle and I will do what I know every parent in America will do, which is hug our children a little tighter, and we’ll tell them that we love them, and we’ll remind each other how deeply we love one another.”

In times like these, we put aside our differences and rally together in unity. We are not Republicans or Democrats, atheists or theists.

I had no intention on posting anything today, but I was outraged to come home today and see this tweet by creationist Eric Hovind:

Eric Hovind TweetHow utterly disgusting. I know we skeptics love to pick on Eric and make fun of his father, but come on. This is even below him. How utterly disgusting.

To make matters worse, nut job Bryan Fischer had this to say:

According to Fischer, the shooting happened because we kicked God out of the schools. God was saying to us: “Hey, I’d be glad to protect your children, but you have to invite me back into your world first. I’m not going to go where I’m not wanted. I am a gentleman.” 

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  • Frank K

    These vile little men and their cruel and capricious God who allows little children to me murdered to prove his point.
    “Blessed is he who dashes their infants upon the rocks.”
    Psalm 137:9

    • randall.morrison90

      And in our own time…”Blessed is she who aborts her offspring to serve the gods of Privacy and Quality of Life”.
      Not dashed across the rocks, of course, but sliced, diced, and burned.

  • Michael

    No Christian will “stand up”. They’ll all sit tight and wonder if Hovind might actually be on to something.

    • summers-lad

      I am a Christian and Hovind (who I had never heard of) is on to nothing. I agree 100% with Brother Richard’s outrage. And Fischer’s comments (I have never heard of him either) have nothing to do with Christian faith, as well as being offensive. From the other side of the Atlantic I send my sympathies.

    • Michele

      I’m a Christian, at least nominally. Raised Roman Catholic, still follow the saints, believe water turns into wine. That kind of Catholic. I’m also the kind of Catholic who supports the rights of LGBT people (including the right to marry and have/raise children), the rights of women to control their own bodies within reason (including the right to have abortions without question), thinks Deism is the only sensible way to be a Christian, and thinks the Church should fess up and pay up when it comes to child abuse.

      Michael, sir, I hate saying this, because the word I am about to use should be used sparingly and honestly. But you, sir, are a bigot. There are plenty of Christians who are horrified that anyone would think God stays away from non-believers and places where people don’t kowtow to him. I believe (I can’t know, obviously, since I’ve never seen God in a rational, provably experiential way) that God is everywhere and sees everything, but that does not mean that he necessarily acts to stop all evil. Evil happens anyway because we have free will and can choose to do evil if we wish. And sometimes because people witness evil, they become better people. But for the most part, I believe God leaves the earth alone, and expecting him to show up even for the shooting of 28 people when there are adults and children in outrageous numbers who are shot to death in North America alone every day is foolish. I don’t think any one life is more important to God than any other. Being white, cute, tow-headed , six years old and middle class does not make a child any more precious to God than being black, plain-looking, brown-haired, 12 years old and poor. If all lives are precious than God would not save children just because they match a demographic that makes most white Americans feel protective. For all we know, God may have had his hands full keeping a hospital full of children in Somalia from being massacred, or keeping yet another girl in India from being raped, or stopping a drug deal in Colombia, or supporting a young man about to testify against a pedophile priest. 28 lives in Newtown might not have been his priority that day. Or maybe they were, and he knew that by them dying, it would lead to Americans eventually putting more gun control into place. Or maybe, just maybe, there isn’t a God at all, and a whole bunch of us go to church not because we are stupid or can’t tell fantasy from reality or hate non-believers, but because we desire fellowship, the ability to do good works in a group, need comfort in painful times, or because ‘God’ is really a manifestation of our own thoughts and deeds, both good and ill . . . and there weren’t enough of us in Newtown that day to materialize and stop a disturbed young man with too many guns and a mother who thought more of her fetish than she did about protecting others from her son’s instability. I tend to believe it’s the latter. ‘God’ can do many things, but ‘God’ can’t always stop evil from happening, and stopping all evil would leave the world static and sterile., and keep us from growing as sentient beings.
      Previous to Newtown, I’d never heard of these men. It is as bigoted to assume they speak for all the Christians in the world as it would be to assume Osama bin Laden spoke for all Muslims. Even the Pope doesn’t speak for all Catholics, and the Church itself is made up of many people who have never been to Rome or seen a bishop up close.
      Bigotry is ugly no matter who practices it. Don’t become the thing you claim to hate.

  • Atheistmorons

    we really enjoy your atheist blog

    do a search on youtube for skepticality

    a little souvenir

    it is the video about the PIGS

  • Rachael
  • Jaimie

    What kind of piece of human garbage uses an unspeakable tragedy against children to further their own religious propoganda? They are utterly despicable.

  • Robster

    They are grasping at every last straw to promote their particular nonsense. For decades the news has been bad, numbers and dollars are down, most of the clerical staff have been busted fiddling with kiddies, the catholics are dizzolving into an evaporating pond of irrelevence, the prisons are full of pastors and religious “leaders” for financial mismanagement and fraud. And look at various census’ and polls. The numbers admitting to the delusion are down down down. In my country, less that 7% attend church more than once a month. That means in reality, 93% of the population have said “no” to the nonsense. At this rate, the next cathedral they knock up will be the size of a pay phone. Can’t wait.

  • TJ

    Richard, I’m what what might be called a right-wing agnostic. I’m a firm believer in a person’s right to defend their own life, with a firearm if necessary. That being said, I’m SICKENED when I hear idiotic comments made by these a**holes. You’re absolutely right. Who in the h*ll would not impose their will upon others if that was what was required to save little kids? If there is a god who could have saved these kids but didn’t, then he’s either a bigger psychopath than the gunman, or he’s simply incapable of saving them. Either way, he wouldn’t be worthy of our worship and eternal adoration. What person could fail to do what god routinely fails to do and still have billions of adoring fans? But I suspect I know the truth- there is no absent god to be angry at. The cavalry ain’t coming. It’s up to us.

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  • randall.morrison90

    Quit yanking our chain, Richard…you know atheists use every tragedy to immediately start arguing against god and score internet points.

    Atheists are as dirty as they come on this one.

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