Were Mike Huckabee’s Words Taken Out of Context Concerning Connecticut School Shootings?

First, I want to thank you for the responses to my last post condemning the horrific statements of Eric Hovind and Bryan Fischer about the Connecticut school shootings. I especially want my atheist friends to know that I received many personal e-mails from Christians who were as outraged as we were, and many pledged to demand an apology. I believe that if only a few follow through, it will make a difference in the long run.

Second, I planned on writing a follow-up citing many other well-known ministers who made similar idiotic statements. Far too many individuals simply dismissed Hovind and Fischer as crackpots who did not speak for Christianity. Sadly, the list of preachers has grown too large and would not be worth the effort or your time. However, I do want to point out the narrow-minded statements of Mike Huckabee. He’s not simply a radical theist who is out of touch with mainstream Christianity. He was a serious contender for the Republican nomination for President.  You can’t get more mainstream!

Many of you heard Huckabee’s comments to Neil Cavuto on the day of the shootings. Like the others, he blamed the shootings on the removal of God from schools. The next day, Huckabee claimed he was taken out of context, and then went on to say the exact same thing. Here’s the Video:

The Governor is simply wrong. As I pointed out in the previous post, there were just as many school shootings in America before God began to be removed from public schools in the 1960s. The only change has been our news coverage. In our world of 24-hour news, the media clenches onto these events and doesn’t let go for days. This is true with natural disasters, any human tragedy stories, and war coverage. Can you imagine how different D-Day would’ve been if CNN were broadcasting live from the shores of Normandy?

In the video Huckabee says that God did show up. He arrived in the bravery of the teachers, policemen, and in the hugs and tears of supporters.  I’ve got news for you Governor. These people were heroes.  However, they were not pawns in the hands of an inept deity. They were demonstrating humanism at its finest. Also, I’m sure the overflow church services you mentioned brought comforted and support to their communities. However, the solutions and relief were not in the prayers. They were in humanity’s resilience and unconditional love for one another.

  • http://slrman.wordpress.com James Smith

    Huckabee is, and always has been, a liar. That should not be surprising, a religion founded upon lies will naturally attract more liars.

    What’s even more disgusting, he will lie about things like this where is is quickly and easily shown to by lying. But his “faithful followers” will refuse to acknowledge the evidence anyway. Again, not surprising. They have been in denial about facts and rational thinking from the start. Why would they change now.

    Mankind will never truly never be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

    • Jacob

      That last sentence reminds me of something Trotsky said.
      And he and his minions set up the machinery which killed millions trying to carry it out.
      That said, atheist precitly cackle with glee at tradgedies like this as they attack Christians. Admit it, you know its true. You use every disaster as an excuse for smears.

      I think that if atheists ever actually get full politicla control that I will be imprisoned, tortured and maybe killed. After all, it happened to my relatives.

      Spare your denials. I have been to meetups. I know what they say when they think only atheists are around.

  • Jayson Levine

    “We ask why there’s violence in our school but we’ve systematically removed God from our schools” – Mike Huckabee, 12/15/2012

    Mike Huckabee is out of his ever-loving mind.

    According to the implicit pseudo-reasoning in Mr. Huckabee’s statement, we’re supposed to be convinced of these things:

    (1) If God were “in” our schools, that this tragedy would likely have been prevented. I assert not. Just ask the hundreds, if not thousands, of young boys molested by clergy, right in God’s home. He’s clearly comfortable with tragedy.

    (2) Somehow or another, God is entirely subject to the whims of his alleged creations, i.e., people. If we say he can’t be somewhere, then he can’t be there. This seems to conflict with the nature of the god of the bible, who was able to be wherever it was he wanted to be and do whatever it was he wanted to do. It turns out that this is the definition of “omnipresence” and “omnipotence,” respectively. If God is neither, his qualifications as a god are sorely lacking.

    (3) God could not have been implicated as the cause of this tragedy. American Christians tend to believe in a lovey-dovey god, but this God, himself, clearly asserts that he is not. Isaiah 45:7 clearly lays it out: “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” For all those who believe that evil is not in the god of the bible’s nature, he said it: “I create evil.” This would further render this god malevolent. By the way, you’re supposed to love this god or he tosses you in a lake of fire.

    Virtually every piece of Mr. Huckabee’s statement, which attempts to ascribe causality to each of his mentions, “prayer out of schools,” “suits against cities preventing manger displays,” “Christian businesses forced to surrender their values by providing tax-funded abortion pills” (WTF?), etc., etc., etc., is a non-sequitur.

    Huckabee, in an almost unprecedented move, lauded President Obama’s “invoking his (God’s) name,” like saying his name changes things somehow. Those kids are still dead. Mr. Obama said that God had “called home” the 20 children whose lives were cut short by a deranged killer. How is one supposed to listen to that and not stand up and scream at him, “they HAD homes”? To think that these kids needed the presence of a psychotic with an assault rifle in order to be “called home” speaks volumes about the pawns in God’s game.

    If God’s ego is so fragile that he is willing to “show up” just after the massacre started because we’ve allegedly “escorted him off the public square,” and God was willing to let those children die in a display of his might and glory, then he is one sadistic bastard, and I’ll have nothing to do with him, thank you very much.

    If the only thing between an individual and an evil act is the fear of God, I fear for society more than I am capable of fearing any god.

  • Ian

    2 Apr 2012: 7 dead, 3 hurt in Christian school shooting: cops – NYPOST.com

  • Wesley

    You said that those heroes demonstrated humanism at its finest – well, if there is no God, everything practiced by humans is the result of humanism, and not some “inept deity” as another commenter has stated. If that is so, why does Huckabee bother you so much? I’m not saying whether he should or shouldn’t, but he’s just doing what humans do. If you were truly humanist, surely you should celebrate everything that is done by humans as a glorious exercising of that free will and “moral” (whatever that means) that has been so wonderfully given us through the evolution of sentience.

    I’m not saying you would agree that Huckabee, much less homicidal and suicidal gunmen, are good, but that we must accept that what is “good” doesn’t actually matter unless we arbitrarily choose it. I’m sure that in our humanism, that arbitrary choice is actually driven by our sentience and our ability to empathize with others; I wouldn’t like to be hurt, therefore I don’t hurt others. Well, there’s nothing that tells me that I HAVE to choose what I like, or that liking something is therefore a reflection of what ought to be done. People choose all the time not to empathize with people although they “ought” to. People probably didn’t empathize much with the gunman before he was the gunman. The gunman definitely didn’t empathize with others.

    I’m not saying that the gunman was an atheist. He could have claimed to be some Christian who spoke to God, who told him to do so. His claim certainly wouldn’t be true, as nothing about that is consistent with Christianity (which is the same asine argument against Christianity, that Hitler claimed to be Christian, therefore Christianity is bad – again, asinine). However, either as a peaceful, loving, empathetic person or a heartless murderer, the gunman is not inconsistent with atheism.

    I’m definitely not saying that anyone here doesn’t empathize with the victims – I’m sure that most are genuinely and justly concerned for them, and I stand with you. I’m saying that though I agree with your condemning the gunman, as well as any carpetbagging politician, but by what standard can you do so?

    • smrnda

      By what standards can Christians protest anything? “Right” is obviously just what god feels like saying is right at any particular moment, and if god turned around and told someone to shoot up kids, wouldn’t it be right to do so? The Christian god does absolutely nothing to solve the problem you’ve mentioned.

    • Junebug

      You imply that humanistic morality is arbitrary. But god-based morality is arbitrary, as well, for it is decided upon and enforced by an entity with regard only to its own preferences (and if you would argue that it is not, then you also argue that your god is not all-powerful).

      The trouble is that those who subscribe to a god-based view of morality tend to have difficulty seeing beyond the rules set forth by said god. I’ve encountered many Christians who have expressed disbelief at the idea that anyone could behave morally without the threat of eternal damnation hanging over them. Tell me, which is more frightening: the person who does good because s/he has thought seriously about what constitutes right and wrong and has arrived at a humanistic set of beliefs, or the person who does good because s/he fears punishment? The former will do good no matter what; the latter will do good only so long as the threat exists — take away the threat, and s/he’ll behave wantonly. What does that say about Christians?

  • Michael

    You wrote: “I especially want my atheist friends to know that I received many personal e-mails from Christians who were as outraged as we were, and many pledged to demand an apology. I believe that if only a few follow through, it will make a difference in the long run.”

    “Only a few” is all you’ll get. Those Christians who sent emails in an effort to assuage their embarrassment will never have the courage to speak up against their leaders. That sort of independent action could jeopardize their chance for a free trip to heaven – a risk none of them will be prepared to take.

  • Sean

    Have you read the book, “proof of heaven” by Eben Alexander. i would be interested in hearing your take on his experience. thanks for your time.

  • http://bereanobserver.blogspot.com Bob Wheeler

    What exactly is a “radical theist,” and how does that place Mike Huckabee “out of touch with mainstream Christianity”? Are you saying that Mike Huckabee takes his belief in God seriously and that mainstream Christianity does not? If so, I’m inclined to agree.

  • JesusHimself

    Brethren, forgive me, for I have sinned. I imagined myself licking the asshole of Rihanna. I am ashamed, but only because my Son of Man cock shot a wad the size of Palestine during Joel Osteen’s sermon. Where is that woman who washed my goddamned feet when I really need her.”–Jesus H. Christ, as told to Kirk Cameron

  • dmarx

    great theatre of ruin

    what’s the harm of little idi*ts?


  • David Simon

    I bet you wear pants. Trotsky wore pants! Therefore you are clearly comparable to Trotsky.

  • KenBrowning

    If you were truly humanist, surely you should celebrate everything that
    is done by humans as a glorious exercising of that free will and
    “moral” (whatever that means) that has been so wonderfully given us
    through the evolution of sentience.

    This reminds me of that great argument I often had to put up with as a kid: If you love ________ so much why don’t you marry it?

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