Could ADHD Be Genetic?

Is it possible that our growing dependence on Adderall and Ridalin could be genetic?

A new study suggests that even though humans developed out of Africa, early primates possibly evolved out of Asia. And one of our newly discovered distant cousins, was so tiny that you could hold two in your hand. Also, these little primates were very hyperactive and bounced continuously around in trees to catch insects. According to AP’s Seth Borenstein:

“The 55 million-year-old fossil dug up in central China is one of our first primate relatives and it gives scientists a better understanding of the complex evolution that eventually led to humans. This tiny monkey-like creature weighed an ounce or less and was not a direct ancestor. Because it is so far back on the family tree it offers the best clues yet of what our earliest direct relatives would have been like at that time, according to a study published Wednesday in the journal Nature.”

Praise the Lord and pass the amphetamine.

Brother Richard



  • Monala

    Thom Hartmann of progressive radio fame wrote a book about ADHD a couple of decades ago. In his book, he theorized that people with ADHD were “hunters in a farmer’s world.” By this, he meant that the skills that make someone successful in a hunter-gatherer society – being continually on the move (i.e, hyperactivity), being able to quickly shift focus depending on what’s going on with your prey or predators (i.e., distractibility), making instant decisions (i.e., impulsivity) – are not so useful in a farming society, where patience, organization and planning are more beneficial. However, many people today (probably due to genetics) are still wired to be hunters.

    In writing his book, he was trying to argue that ADHD is not a disability per se, just a different way of being wired, and that there are non-medicated strategies one can adopt to succeed as a “hunter in a farmer’s world.”

    • BroRichard

      Thanks for the info Monala. I know for me it has often been a great servant, but a horrible master. This makes sense and could add to the possibility of it being an inherited trait. .