E.W. Jackson Follow-Up: Obama, Bestiality, Lollipops and Pedophilia

This is a follow up to yesterday’s piece on Rev. E.W. Jackson. Since many new readers didn’t understand my sarcasm, I will attempt to keep this one on the straight and narrow (no promises though).

First, I want to make it clear that these articles have nothing to with the Jackson’s rights of religious freedom or speech. I am a strong supporter of the principles of liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution, and I wish to silence no one. Bishop Jackson, and every other individual, should always be guaranteed the freedom to believe and speak about whatever they want (regardless of their basis in reality).

However, many mistakenly assume that included with these wonderful rights, is the automatic right of respect. How many times do we hear people of faith say: “Well you have to respect me.” When any person (religious or otherwise) proclaims their beliefs in the public marketplace of ideas, dialogue does not cease, and debate is not forfeited simply because they throw up the faith card. All beliefs, regardless of how sincerely held, deserve scrutiny and criticism when shared in public. And they are not immune to ridicule.

As a society we must no longer tolerate erroneous thinking. We must stop pretending that there are two sides to every coin. We must realize that it immoral to keep “teaching the controversy” when the only arguments are unfalsifiable. Unreliable soothsaying is useless, and good science should eliminate bad. By applying reason and skeptical inquiry to all areas of our lives, we can inoculate ourselves from ignorance and provide the proper guidance to future generations.

Now, let’s get back to Bishop E.W. Jackson. If you don’t remember, he wants to be the next lieutenant governor of the great state of Virginia. Among other things, I previously wrote about his beliefs that: God wouldn’t let man destroy the planet with SUVs, Planned Parenthood is worse than the KKK, and Yoga is Satanic. Here are a few more topics that reveal to us Jackson’s mindset:


Concerning President Obama

While being interviewed by former SNL cast member, Victoria Jackson, the Bishop again reveals how he feels he is in a constant spiritual battle against Satan and his demons. When asked about President Obama he said:

“The idea that Barrack Obama is a Christian is laughable… At best he is a confused man, or at worse has the sensibilities…of an atheist and a Muslim… We are dealing with an evil presence.”


Concerning Evolution:

In Bishop Jackson’s book he wrote: “It is amazing the length to which people will go to prove what is so palpably false.” He went on to explain that evolution just couldn’t be true because chimpanzees don’t talk, and that language was a special and unique gift God gave only to humans. The fact that chimps can be taught sign language doesn’t mean that we’re related to them. He then stated:

“There is an unfathomable gulf between humans and all other creatures because creation was designed that way. Scientists have uncovered that modern humans and modern chimpanzees share a common ancestor in the distant past. The notion that modern humans evolved from chimpanzees is a common misconception.”


Concerning Not Mixing Religion and Politics:

Jackson encouraged pastors to violate the law and preach to their congregations that they should not vote for Obama. If they refused, they “are going to answer to God” for allowing their churches to “support this abomination.”


Concerning Same-Sex Marriage:

Late last year, Jackson gave a speech in which he declared that if Americans did not prevent same-sex couples from marrying, they would soon be forced to allow for bestiality. His said it thusly:

“If we don’t stand, it’s soon going to be Adam and a bull.”


Concerning Condoms and AIDS

In an attempt to defeat Philip Johnston’s (Massachusetts Human Services Secretary) desire to encourage condom use as a way to limit risk to HIV and AIDS, Jackson asked:

“What will they do next? Give condoms to children instead of lollipops?”


Concerning Liberalism and AIDS:

While being interviewed by Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, Jackson declared that “truth is truth and right is right.” He said that AIDS is “killing black men by the thousands… ” Regarding left-leaning politics, he said that one might get called a racist, but:

“Liberalism and their ideas have done more to kill black folks, whom they claim so much to love, than the Ku Klux Klan, and lynching and slavery and Jim Crow ever did. Now that’s a fact!”


Concerning Gays in the Military:

In another interview with Peter LaBarbera, Jackson assured the listeners that the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was “a disaster of historic proportions,” and that his organization was going to fight to reinstate it. To clarify, he repeated:

“The military has been decimated by this lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender policy that has now been implemented. It’s an abomination and it’s only going to weaken us militarily and they need to undo it.”


Concerning Homosexuals and Pedophilia

Jackson stated that homosexuals wanted to transform our culture, and everyone to be defined by their sexuality. They want the sexual freedom to do what they want to do. He then than commented:

“There are people who say; well it is unfair to associate homosexuality with pedophilia, or some of these other perversions. But I believe that there is a direct connection. Because what they really want is absolute complete and total sexual freedom.”


Captured Tweets:

Before Jackson’s changed his twitter account, Scott Keyes made screen captures of several of Jackson’s tweets from his old account. Here’s just three:


What else does a Virginian voter need? Pass this on, and assure them that this is neither about political parties nor about attacking the religious. It is simply explaining a candidates mindset concerning important issues. It is up to each individual to decide if Jackson is fit for office.

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