E. W. Jackson: Global Warming, The KKK, And Yoga

American History is teeming with patriots who stepped down from their pulpits and into some form of governmental service. Even 29 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were theologians or pastors. And all across Colonial America, ministers condemned the British crown and preached liberation. These traitorous clerics were dubbed, “The Black Robe Regiment,” by King George.

Jump forward 237 years and we have E. W. Jackson, a candidate for Virginia lieutenant-governor. Jackson is the pastor of Exodus Faith Ministries, and I’m sure he anticipates being another link in the long chain of missionary statesmen.

In the past, Jackson has decreed his environmental policies concerning our becoming good stewards of the Earth. He exposed climate change as a hoax with the prodigious words:

“As if God’s gonna let mankind destroy the planet with SUV’s. It’s silly, when you think about it.”

Jackson has courageously stood before a green screen with photos of the great African American leaders: Martin Luther King Jr., George Washington Carver, Frederick Douglass, and Harriett Tubman to uncover Planned Parenthood as a doppelganger of the KKK.

Now, Betsy Woodruff discloses her findings from Jackson’s tome: Ten Commandments To An Extraordinary Life. I’m certain his political team are already combing it for the candidate’s formal policies. Here are three of my suggestions based on Woodruff’s excerpts:

Regardless of our claims of independence and liberty, we must remember that our welfare is dependent upon an unholy governance:

“Satan benefits far more from people who do not know they serve him than from those who knowingly bow to him. Your spirit was made for attachment. It is either attached to God or to Satan, but it is not neutral, no matter how much people think themselves to be.”

Jackson’s economic policy should mirror none other than God’s economic stimulus package:

“Those who are in Christ are on the winning side. Part of what must happen during this period of great harvest for the kingdom of God is a massive wealth transfer. It is not going to happen by theft or governmental policy. It is going to happen supernaturally. Those invested in God’s market are going to reap a windfall. Make up your mind now to buy in.”

Also, forget the “Axis of Evil.” Jackson instead focuses on terrorist number one. His name is Satan, and he uses Trojan-horses like Yoga to infiltrate our spiritual borders:

“When one hears the word meditation, it conjures an image of Maharishi Yoga talking about finding a mantra and striving for nirvana. . . . The purpose of such meditation is to empty oneself. . . . [Satan] is happy to invade the empty vacuum of your soul and possess it. That is why people serve Satan without ever knowing it or deciding to, but no one can be a child of God without making a decision to surrender to him. Beware of systems of spirituality which tell you to empty yourself. You will end up filled with something you probably do not want.”

Wait no longer. Support E.W. Jackson today. Send him a tweet, or perhaps contribute to his campaign.

Let freedom ring!

Brother Richard

Here is a follow-up article about E.W. Jackson 

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  • bruceewilson

    “Even 29 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence were theologians or pastors.” – That’s not true. Here’s a detailed debunking : http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-rodda/debunking-beck-university_b_665816.html

    • BroRichard

      Bruce, I’m very aware of David Barton and his propensity to stretch the truth. I’m am also familiar with Chris Rodda and her great work debunking many of his claims.

      While almost none of the founding fathers were anything close to modern-day evangelical Christians, not all of them were freethinkers and deists. Most of the colleges (or seminaries) were founded by churches, and theology was required teaching at almost all of them. This is why I chose the words theologians instead of ministers.

      Plus, it all added to the flow of sarcasm I was trying to bring across. :)

      • katattak

        If anyone is stretching the truth, I’d say it’s the man who is equating a person who was forced to take college-level theology courses as part of a core curriculum with a “theologian” is doing some stretching in the interest of making a specific case.

      • TKO

        Deism was the Zeitgeist and the overwhelming ethos of the Revolutionary times, like it or not. Even those signers who identified themselves with particular religious groups were not anything like contemporary Christians, much less “evangelical” Christians.

        • BroRichard

          Thanks TKO. That’s my point exactly.

      • bruceewilson

        Richard, I’m thoroughly confused! – You’ve just simultaneously suggested that you were posting the Barton-inspired claim in the spirit of sarcasm and also reiterated a version Barton’s argument.

        Since you’re aware of Rodda’s work on this, I’d assume you’ve read her point that only four of the signers of the Declaration of Independence went to college specifically to study theology, and only two of them became pastors. One of those two pastors, Lyman Hall, was kicked out of his church and went on to become a doctor. So to indicate that any significant fraction of the signers were “pastors” would be wildly misleading.

        In addition, if many of the remaining 25 signers had been required to take one or more obligatory courses in theology while in college, would that therefore make them “theologians”? Your use of the term would seem to suggest that elite schools of the period such as Harvard were still functioning primarily as religious schools.

  • baal

    “It’s silly, when you think about it.”
    Sigh. Texas’s drought conditions are well within the global warming models. They really ought to take that into account for their agribusiness and how much they let certain cities grow (or let them have bermuda grass lawns). North Carolina tried to pass a law that would prevent insurance companies figuring out actual risk to sea front property. The glaciers are sort of melting off in dramatic ways globally. China is begginning to spat with the US and Canada over water routes through the artic (something not so possible even 10 years ago). Polar bears…. I suspect Jackson doesn’t care about the polar bears. I could put together a lengthy slide show with actual mountains of evidence but al gore beat me to it.

    Jackson’s other assertions are similarly borked. Also, the less said about Satan the better. Doesn’t Jackson fear being influenced by him for saying his name all the time ( I think that’s how that works. A satanist or fundamentalist could help me out there.).

    • wally12

      You may think whatever you like about Jackson but as far as global warming is concerned at least he isn’t worried about it. Global warming has been going on since the great ice age with periods of cooling a plus periods of higher heating than has recently been observed. As a result the oceans have continued to rise. The question is does CO2 emitted by the burning of fossil fuel cause earth to heat up faster? The so called climate change crowd says that man is responsible for the faster heating of the earth. There are many scientists who disagree. They say that the contribution by humans is insignificant, In fact, the earth has been in a cooling period for the last decade and appears to be staying relatively cool. The climate crowd stated that polar bears were starving due to the melting of the sea ice. That is definitely false and can be verified by contacting the Canadians. Polar bears are in greater numbers and not in danger. Greenland was once much greener than it is today. Maybe that is why it is called Greenland. CO2 is a very weak green house gas and doesn’t contribute to earth’s heating in a significant way. Clouds and water vapor are the major green house gases. The sun and solar activity appears to be a major factor in the formation of clouds and the recent past heating effect. Al Gore is a fake. Dennis Miller stated it correctly by saying “Beware of prophets who profit”.

      • Dorion

        Hahahahahahahahahahahaha…go google Greenland before you pretend that you know what you are talking about. You are a riot!

      • OldManPar

        Especially preachers.

      • http://www.elliotthermanwallace.com/blog Elliott Wallace

        Check out this website, you seem to be mislead on a lot of your statements: http://www.skepticalscience.com/about.shtml

      • Christopher Glover

        “Contact the Canadians.” What?

        But seriously, I would love to see some sources behind your statements. I have an inkling feeling you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

        I usually beware all prophets, especially the ones that resist proven science. ahem

        • Matt Phelps

          love how left always asks for sources, that they would reject anyway, yet never source or if they do it’s huffington post. HA comical sheep

          • iccheap

            Spend some time here and get back to us.


          • Matt Phelps

            Did as you said and checked it out. However when a website says 97% of anything agrees about anything, I start getting, i’m sorry, skeptical. Also many of the debunking explainations seem contrived. As a whole, still not convinced, but that is what science is about.

          • iccheap

            Okay, fair enough, provided you investigated the site thoroughly. I’m curious as to what your main contentions are then. What are your primary sticking points in not ascribing any of the change to human behavior? There are many great studies addressing components of climate change that are incidental to the current situation, but provide great insight into climatic dynamics. I’ll be the first to admit climate is a VERY noisy system, and ascribing more than increases in probability is fraught with contention. But, we are clearly influencing global issues, in many areas, due to our behavior.

          • Matt Phelps

            Noisy indeed. It’s tricky because it’s a big picture thing, climate. Human evolution is tied to the planets evolution so Human arrogance wants to believe that we are affecting the planet’s climate so that we believe we can fix it. What if there is no way to fix it? What if there isn’t anything wrong in our speck of time we are studing? Science never used to have to be so bold/urgent. I know its a product of the times and good research/tech costs money, but some political elements have hurt science’s rep. with me. I love to see different opinions, with passionate debate and proof, not lockstep, p.r. firms, and computer sims. Guess I’m old. Has been good having a solid debate without foul language and insults.

          • iccheap

            I’ll spot you that there are plenty of arrogant humans, but many are motivated by a desire to minimize personal impacts through intentional choices on how they live. All things being equal a change in behavior that results in less emissions and energy usage is beneficial personally, economically, and socially. In those measures alone it is a winning proposition. Some have ridden the “greenwashing” wave and there are plenty of examples of personal behaviors that don’t correspond to their rhetoric (that applies to any realm of humanity). I still admire the individuals who make active decisions to pursue intentional, reflective living. Indeed, at the end of the day our changes may count for naught, but I believe the changes will ultimately benefit us regardless of what happens in the end – by the way I think I am getting old too……..

      • Ben Bulthuis

        “There are many scientists who disagree.”

        Really? I’d like to see some sources by scientists who are in the field of climate study.


        “In the scientific literature, there is a strong consensus
        that global surface temperatures have increased in recent decades and that the trend is caused mainly by human-induced emissions of greenhouse gases. No scientific body of national or international standing disagrees with this view,[177][178] though a few organisations hold non-committal positions.”

      • baal

        HI Wally12! /wave. I sort of love the fact that industry paid trolls show up to lie like you do. If you’re not taking a pay check from Americans for Prosperity (a group funded entirely by the Koch Brothers and caught admitting global warming is real but needs to be lied about) you should hit them up for some cash.

  • katattak

    OMG I totally thought this post was a joke!!! You crack me up!

    • http://boldquestions.wordpress.com/ Ubi Dubium

      I live in Virginia, and have to put up with this joke of a campaign, with both him and Cuccinelli running. What a travesty.

      • BroRichard

        I’m so sorry Ubi. Keep us posted.

    • BroRichard

      Katattak, yes sometimes my writing can come across that way. I would say that I will try to improve, but that would be a lie.

  • Christine

    As a firm christian, even I can agree that this is blind and idiotic

    • BroRichard

      Christine, I’m sure the majority of Christians would agree with you. And I wish more reasonable Christians would speak up when people like Jackson attempt to acquire public office.

  • Verandaguy

    This man is stupid of a higher order. That, alone, wouldn’t worry me. As astutely explained by this relevant xkcd , it’s the fact that he’s in a position of any kind of power that scares me.

    • BroRichard

      Great xkcd link!

  • disqus_0ZMX8DAH1h

    Maharishi Yoga is not a tactic, he was a person

  • Varuka Salt

    That’s some grade A crazy right there. Fortunately, science has developed medications for people with paranoid delusions. Someone should inform him.

    • James Markwell

      if we could just get them to take the medicine.

  • BroRichard

    It has been brought to my attention that this article is getting some heat on Reddit. However, some people don’t get that I was being sarcastic. I assure you, I’m not on Jackson’s side. http://redd.it/1fsv1g

    • st francis

      I hang my head in shame that you had to explain this…

      • BroRichard

        Ha! It’s fine. I think people get thrown off by the “Brother” moniker.

        • Kevin O’Connell

          Oh boy how I fell hard for this. I am a shamed man.

    • demand

      This could easily be taken as a straight article.

      When reality outdoes satire then, Houston, we have a problem.

      • BroRichard

        Yes deman, a few are taking it that way.

        • James Markwell

          anyone would would write an agreement piece could not write eloquently. That is how you know it is satire(ish).

          • BroRichard

            Thank you James.

    • turtlewoman1039

      I’m relieved to hear that it was sarcasm… I was getting worried

  • Logic

    I hope this was written sarcastically. Especially those last two lines.

    • BroRichard

      Of course it was. I understand it may be confusing for those not familiar with me.

  • Jim Goller

    Can’t wait for his vertebrates to freeze up from lack of Yoga…

  • James

    Hell, let him try, we’ve been doing it wrong for over 200 years, maybe this is what we need.

  • Guest

  • Moulin Bassiat

    LOL. Funny shit.

  • asynchronous_thought

    Did you mean Frederick Douglass? You can’t forget the ‘s’ or you will make an ass out of… meh. never mind.

    • BroRichard

      Nice catch. Corrected and updated. I’m somewhat of a Douglass buff, and should have caught that.

  • Sam

    Wait, on the last sentence, don’t you mean “Don’t support EW Jackson?”

    • BroRichard

      Sam, that was part of the sarcasm. I wanted to include Jackson’s Twitter account and his campaign site. How people use them is out of my hands. :)

      • Sam

        Mea culpa. I didn’t catch it immediately.

        • BroRichard

          No problem Sam.

  • tastygroove

    “Number on terrorist”

    • BroRichard

      Fixed. Thanks

  • Chris

    Sounds like an ignorant fool to me.

  • barrychuckle

    I am encouraged by the comments below. Having never been to America and seeing all these stories about crazy politicians, I often wonder what is going on over there………..

  • Joost

    Is this man the prototype religious nutcase or what? America needs clear thinkers and not these kinds of religious rhetoric spewing fraudsters. Religion has NO place in politics.

  • BroRichard

    Everyone, I’ve written a follow-up article on E.W.
    Jackson’s run for office. This time it’s: Obama, Bestiality, Lollipops &
    Pedophilia. http://goo.gl/SV0BE

  • D Lowrey

    Another fundamentalist who has never read his Bible making all sorts of claims about what he believes his god has given to him some truth which his own Bible would refute if he would only read it for once.

  • http://thinkunity.com/ John Kuykendall

    It seems he is giving the devil power by talking about him. God is all powerful so no need to bring Satan up unless it is to manipulate people or to do the devils work.

    • BroRichard

      Hey John, sorry to be rude, but, Satan’s not real.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Raymond-Swenson/100000312491451 Raymond Swenson

    Global warming stopped fifteen years ago, but the Mainstream news media never mention that fact. They hope they can ignore it.

    Both the KKK and Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood were concerned about the proliferation of black children.

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