The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss

Talk show host, Amy Kushnir, believes she is being persecuted for defending “traditional values.” During a recent appearance on Fox News (video below) she explained why she walked off of the set of her own show. If you watch the clip from her show The Broadcast,  you will see that she did so in retaliation for the questions her co-hosts asked her concerning why she was troubled by ESPN’s airing of the kiss between Michael Sam and his boyfriend Vito Cammisano.

Kushnir asserted that the “controversial” kiss should not have been broadcast, and that parents should be allowed to decide if their children should see such a thing. At one point, she proclaims, “It’s being pushed in faces. I don’t want to see that.”  She does receive support from one of her co-hosts, Suzie Humphreys. Humphreys expresses her anger that “people don’t have the right to express the way they feel if it offends somebody else,” and then “I don’t have to be penalized for my own opinions.” However, it is clear the other two hosts were doing nothing more than calmly asking Kushnir to back up her statements.

Unfortunately, both Kushnir and Humphreys are missing the point entirely. They, as well as every citizen of the United States, have the right to express their opinions regardless of how unpopular and provocative they may be. In the 90s, the Southern Baptists had the right to boycott Disney, and more recently, same-sex marriage supporters had the right to boycott Chick-fil-A. Nonetheless, no one is guaranteed protection from the repercussions of their pronounced views. Both the expression and consequences of our words are both equally precious components of our freedom of speech.

So Whose Freedoms are Really Being Threatened?
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