Defending Kent Hovind From Religious Persecution

Defending Kent Hovind From Religious Persecution March 10, 2015

HovinddefendI recently wrote about the new trail of Kent Hovind (Dr. Dino) who is now on trial for mail fraud. The court claims that he repeatedly attempted to hinder the IRS from selling his “Dinosaur Adventure Land” property to pay the $434,000 he owes for back taxes (income, payroll, etc.). This alleged mail fraud took place in prison where Hovind, ignoring a judge’s orders, continually sent contested property claims stating that the ownership of Dino Land was still in dispute. As a result, every time a title search was done on the property, the letter would be found, and the sale of the property was thwarted.

This new case has Coach Dave Daubenmire, and the people of, up in arms. Here’s a video where Rudy Davis, states that those in the courtroom were not allowed to open their Bibles, or take notes. Also, in this video, Davis and Daubenmire declare that the judge should recuse herself. She was the judge during Hovind’s first trail, and according to Davis, stated that Hovind was “the leader, or organizer, of an extensive illegal criminal organization.”

Also, Coach Dave proclaims that Hovind has been in prison for 100 months, not for tax issues, but for “structuring.” He points out that structuring was created for drug dealers who make cash withdraws of less than $10,000 to avoid the FBI being informed of their actions. Apparently, Hovind did this almost weekly, and used the money to pay ministry’s bills (including payroll). Coach Dave even says it was to avoid filling out things like 1099s. (I’m not a lawyer, but if this is true, it is the very definition of tax evasion.) Here’s the Coach’s video:

Finally, in this most recent video, Coach Dave proclaims that Hovind has the right to be judged by a “jury of his peers,” and that this should only be those who believe in creationism and deny evolution.

The idea of a “jury of peers,” goes back to the signing of the Magna Carta, and it was an assurance that nobles would be tried by a jury of fellow noblemen (as opposed to just the King). Therefore, the term more accurately should be a jury of “fellow citizens.” Likewise, the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that this does not include a juror’s race, gender, or age. And similarly, in the 1879 case of Strauder v. West Virginia, the Supreme Court determined that one’s peers were “persons having the same legal status in society as that which he holds.”

Sorry Kent.

And, hey Coach Dave, try a Google search before you spout nonsense.

Brother Richard

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