Video: A Quick Tour of Hell Leads to So Many Questions

Video: A Quick Tour of Hell Leads to So Many Questions June 6, 2015


The above picture is from an old meme someone created from a talk a presented a few years back. I was reminded of it this morning when I saw this video on Christian Nightmares this morning:

Man, this raises so many questions.

First, could Bart Simpson be right? Is Hell like a hot tub and you get used to the heat after a while? Or, is God so sadistic that he tweaks it every so often so that the suffering continually intensifies?

Second, so is Hell like Dante’s Inferno? Are there separate grottos for those who share specific sins? We are only presented with information about Lake Gay. What happens if someone is both homosexual and say a murderer? Do they have a summer home?

Thirdly, do you really need to chain skeletons while they are bobbing up and down in a lake of fire? Also, does Satan, or God, pump a continual amount of oxygen into Hell to keep the fires going? And who can see with all that smoke? Hell must have an elaborate filtration system like Ron Howard used in the movie Backdraft.

Forth, and finally, was the verse from Romans written in English? Or does Hell have some type universal translator like Star Trek? It seems that would only be fair.

You would think a loving god would provide a little more info about something so important.

Inquiring minds want to know. Inquiring deserve to know. Unless of course, the ultimate judge and jury has a problem with people having knowledge of things like good and evil.

Hell truly is the original terrroristic threat.

Brother Richard

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