Enjoy – The Glories of Satanic Music

Faith-filled parody of Hotel California

After sharing the good news today about Seattle banning conversion therapy, I feel all dirty inside. I so enjoy pointing out the wackos.

So to redeem myself, let me end the day with three things that will be hard to get out of your mind. All of which come from Christian Nightmares.

First, here’s a picture of Charlie Brown’s Linus listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards.

Charlie Brown's Linus listening to Stairway to Heaven backwards

Isn’t he cute?

Remember kids; it might be difficult to do with MP3s, but Paul Crouch Jr Paul (whose mother and brother screwed out of his father’s TBN empire) warned us about the evils of backwards masking. Here’s the video:

Finally, because I worry about your souls, here’s a faith-filled parody of Hotel California:

If I’ve done my job correctly, you’ll be humming that all night.

You’re welcome.

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Photo Credit: Tumblr

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