What does the Bible and Nostradamus say about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin?

What does the Bible and Nostradamus say about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin?

Ah, there’s that smell in the air. It must be the election season. Researchers are hard at work looking for evidence that our hopeful leaders are the Anti-Christ. Good news though, President Obama still tops the list.

Jennifer LeClaire, the senior editor of Charisma, points out:

If you type in ‘is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist’ into Google, you’ll get about 374,000 results in .82 seconds. President Obama beats her out at 822,000 results in .34 seconds. By way of comparison, if you ask “is Bush the Antichrist” you get 454,000 results in .43 seconds. Pope Francis draws 425,000 results in .37 seconds on the question.

LeClaire states this about this video that asks a “have you stopped beating your wife” type of question. It is entitled: “Hilary Clinton—The Antichrist or the Illuminati Witch?”

Before you just dismiss this, you must ask yourself if it is a coincidence that India Today is reporting that a YouTube psychic says aliens will invade Earth sometime between 2017 and 2020 to battle with the Anti-Christ Vladimir Putin? Hmmm. So during Clinton’s presidency? Apparently, Nostradamus and Book of Revelation confirm this. Moreover, guess who will be leading the alien forces? None other than Jesus!

Here’s that video:

However, this would make more sense if Donald Trump became President of the United States. He and Putin are best buds.


So, I tend to agree with the folks at Trump Tracts. Their latest issue reveals that Donald Trump made a deal with the Devil 50 years ago. Check it out for yourself.

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The Trump Tract team welcomes you to print and redistribute this and all of their publications. Do it! Post them around your work and school. It’s the right thing to do.

Oh, and you might want to check out if you are already marked with the anti-Christ’s 666.

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