Celibate LGBT Christians

Thankfully, the acceptance of homosexuality and same-sex marriage has been rapidly growing in the United States. Nonetheless, some LGBT Christians, who have been forced to accept that they “were born that way,” are making the choice to become celibate. A recent Washington Post article has reported on this growing movement, and why it is gaining [Read More...]

Making Room for Christian Humanism

The Theist Think Tank has published a 75 page dissertation that seeks to reclaim the word humanism for Christianity, and it is quite an intriguing read. While I take issue with a few of its points, I think it brings attention to fact that many atheists need to educate themselves about the history of humanism, [Read More...]

Inspirational Video: Exploring our Solar System with Carl Sagan

I recently posted a response article in an attempt to explain how much more  awe inspiring the universe has become to me since I became a nonbeliever. This led a friend to send me a link to an amazing 4 minute video that was created by the animator Erik Wernquist. It is a great illustration of the human race’s potential for exploring our [Read More...]

An Atheist Tradition On Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for today? This is what I ask my family as we gather around the table each Thanksgiving. We hold hands and stand together looking each other in the eye as each of us answers this question. This is something we have done each year since we gave up prayer. Instead of [Read More...]

The Road to Heaven Board Game

Black Friday is coming, and I’m sure you’re itching to find some deals. Why not consider supporting the Road to Heaven Game? It is being promoted on Faith Launcher (because just like yoga, skateboarding, and  karate, good Christians shouldn’t use godless sites like Kickstarter ). Here’s some details from the site: ROAD TO HEAVEN™ is a [Read More...]

The universe should be more awe-inspiring to an atheist

Dr. Bruce Tallman, a “full-time professional spiritual director” (whatever that is) has written an opinion column for Ifpress entitled: “Awesomeness keeps me from being atheist.” Normally, I just roll my eyes at this type of ignorance and go about my day. Nonetheless, the fact that he is expressing views shared by many believers, I thought [Read More...]

Do jihadists come from atheist families?

According to a new report by the Centre de Prévention contre les Dérives Sectaires Liées à l’Islam (CPDSI), “The average would-be French jihadist is between 15 and 21 and is from a middle class, atheist family.” I’m sure this report will be quoted against the strong anti-Islamic sentiments of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Sam Harris, Richard [Read More...]