Pat Robertson on the Bright Side of Beheadings


Our good friend, Pat Robertson, has a nifty new book he wants to give you free-of-charge. It is called, “Islam: Religion of Peace or War?” Here’s Pat promoting the book: Now, I must maintain my pledge to not bring God’s wrath upon America. Therefore, I will not comment on the inanity of this clip. Instead, I want to [Read More...]

Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind Freed From Prison


He’s back. Earlier this year I wrote about the mail fraud trail of  Kent “the Flintstone’s didn’t pay taxes” Hovind. This was followed up with an article about those who were “defending Kent Hovind from religious persecution.” The latter of which brought Hovind’s advocates to the comments section. Lots of fun. Well, today if you [Read More...]

Franklin Graham Suggests Extra Lightning Rods for the White House


In spite of my continually stating otherwise, I get quite a bit of complaints that I am typecasting Christians. Yes, I like to point out the wacky among them, but I know they are mainly the exception to the rule. It’s just fun. That being said, one exception has been concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. [Read More...]

Forget The Avengers. Thor Fights For The U.S. Army


Another salvo in the “what about my god” battle has been launched. Kimberly Winston, is reporting that Army sergeant, Jeremiah McIntyre, follows the religion of Asatru, which is the modern rebirth of the pre-Christian Nordic faith which is found in the Norse epic Eddas. Therefore, he wants the Army to recognize him as a Heathen. Earlier this year, reported that in 2013, [Read More...]

Discovery Channel Declares New “Shark Week” Will Have More Science and Less Cryptozoology


If you are one of the millions who have been watching the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, you may have noticed things are just a little bit different. There’s a little bit less woo. Interviewed by Quartz, Howard Swartz, the head of development for Discovery says that Shark Week is now dedicated to real science and [Read More...]

Ray Comfort’s Anti-Homosexual Film ‘Audacity’ Removed From YouTube


Chances are, you have heard that Ray “Banana Man” Comfort is promoting his new movie, Audacity. It is supposed to prove that gay people are “not born that way,” and is based on the biblical view of homosexuality (minus the stoning I assume). Here’s the trailer which features several homosexuals changing their minds because of Comfort’s well known, [Read More...]

First Grade Girl Is the New Symbol of Love’s Victory


During important events in history, certain images emerge that become symbols of that moment of time. The below pictures can all be clicked to enlarge. At the end of World War II, this famous photo became iconic. One of my personal favorites, is this beautiful picture that says more than words ever could. To me it it represents [Read More...]