The Back To The Future Movies Tried To Warn Us About 9/11

Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen. All you need is hindsight and an imagination. That being said, I really love this one that was created about the Back To The Future movies. I only wish I had known about it a couple days ago. It would have been a great way to celebrate Back To [Read More…]

Atlanta Will Never Be Same After This Weekend

This is a quick announcement that I will be speaking this weekend at the Atheist Alliance of America conference (AAA) in Atlanta. Besides yours truly, Patheos’ own Dale McGowen and JT Eberhard will be also take the stage. On Saturday, Dr. Jerry Coyne will be receiving the 2015 Richard Dawkins award. Side note: Does anyone [Read More…]

Sunday Sermon: Supporting The Gospel According to Stephenson

Well, it’s Sunday, so allow me to preach a little bit. There comes a time in a movement when the reasoned based arguments are not enough to get its message to the masses. For whatever reason, people won’t come to your conventions or read your books. Therefore, it is always incumbent on the various arts [Read More…]

People Magazine is reporting that Oregon gunman was obsessed with Satan

People magazine is reporting that a manifesto in praise of Satan was found on the Umpqua Community College shooter’s computer. Apparently, the document had “‘666’ scrawled across it” and it detailed how Mercer desired to “serve darkness.” Who knows whether this is true or not? People admitted that they had not “received a copy of this document or confirmed [Read More…]

Mark Wahlberg Asks the Pope to Forgive Him for the Movie Ted

As Pope Francis toured through the US, made an appearance in Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families Festival. . Actor Mark Wahlberg speaks as Pope Francis is seated nearby during the World Meeting of Families festival. Among other celebrities, the Pontiff was treated to the comedy of Jim Gaffigan, and the music of Aretha [Read More…]

Yesterday’s Blood Moon: Did You Miss The Apocalypse?

Well, I tried to warn you. Back in April, right after the third of the tetrad of lunar eclipses produced a “Blood Moon,” I informed you of John Hagee’s book, Four Blood Moons: Something Is About to Change.   In this literary masterpiece, Hagee declared that God uses the heavens to communicate important messages to his people. He predicted that by [Read More…]

The New York Times Documentary of Jerry Dewitt and Some Confessions

When I first ventured into this world of atheism, I felt sure I was all alone. I believed I had to be the only former preacher who had walked away from it all. Soon thereafter, I learned about Dan Barker, but he was famous and had left the church years ago. There was no way he [Read More…]