Donald Trump Calls Penn Jillette A “Goofball Atheist”

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I previously wrote about the work that had begun to “Make Donald Trump Palatable to the Religious Right,” and how it all began with Trump being “The Self-Proclaimed New Savior of Christianity.” Now, Trump has gone to Twitter to call Penn Jillette a “goofball atheist.” Referring to Jillette’s appearance on The Apprentice, Trump tweeted: I loved firing goofball atheist Penn [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins Is NOT An Atheist!

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Boy,  he sure had me fooled. In an argument that just might be more unbelievable than claiming the Earth is only 6,000 years old, Ken Ham declares that Richard Dawkins is not really an atheist. And neither am I. And neither are you. On his website, Answers in Genesis, Ham has written an article entitled, “Dawkins [Read More...]

Revelations on the Lesbian Wedding Cake Gag Order


For months now, conservative media outlets have been lamenting the persecution of Christians in America. They are also prophesying that soon their churches will be forced to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies. Even though it has intensified, it did not begin with the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of marriage equality. Much of it started with [Read More...]

Pat Robertson on the Bright Side of Beheadings


Our good friend, Pat Robertson, has a nifty new book he wants to give you free-of-charge. It is called, “Islam: Religion of Peace or War?” Here’s Pat promoting the book: Now, I must maintain my pledge to not bring God’s wrath upon America. Therefore, I will not comment on the inanity of this clip. Instead, I want to [Read More...]

Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind Freed From Prison


He’s back. Earlier this year I wrote about the mail fraud trail of  Kent “the Flintstone’s didn’t pay taxes” Hovind. This was followed up with an article about those who were “defending Kent Hovind from religious persecution.” The latter of which brought Hovind’s advocates to the comments section. Lots of fun. Well, today if you [Read More...]

Franklin Graham Suggests Extra Lightning Rods for the White House


In spite of my continually stating otherwise, I get quite a bit of complaints that I am typecasting Christians. Yes, I like to point out the wacky among them, but I know they are mainly the exception to the rule. It’s just fun. That being said, one exception has been concerning homosexuality and same-sex marriage. [Read More...]

Forget The Avengers. Thor Fights For The U.S. Army


Another salvo in the “what about my god” battle has been launched. Kimberly Winston, is reporting that Army sergeant, Jeremiah McIntyre, follows the religion of Asatru, which is the modern rebirth of the pre-Christian Nordic faith which is found in the Norse epic Eddas. Therefore, he wants the Army to recognize him as a Heathen. Earlier this year, reported that in 2013, [Read More...]