Poll: The Catholic Church is a force of good in this world

Do you think the Catholic church is a force for good in the world? The site Intelligence² wants to know your opinion. Their poll closes tomorrow, and those who appose the motion are losing. Brother Richard (Props: Hemant) [Read more...]

Cartoon: Teach the controversy

This recent SMBC makes me think that maybe we should teach the REAL controversy. Bwahaha. Brother Richard [Read more...]

Chariots of Iron Episode 2.39: AAI Recap Show with Brother Richard

The Chariots of Iron guys had me back on their great show to talk about our recent trip to the AAI Convention. Here’s the info from their site: This week Brother Richard joins us as we do the post AAI 2009 convention wrap up. We talk about what we liked about the show as well as what we [Read More...]

Almost 30% of NJ conservatives think Obama may be the Antichrist

I find this very hard to believe? According to Huliq News, new data collected by Public Policy Polling suggests a larger number of New Jersey residents may be crazier than we would estimate. Forget the comparisons to Hitler, when asked about the likelihood of President Obama being the Antichrist: 8% of all voters think Barack Obama is [Read More...]

Lunch Break Theater: The Origins of Morality

Of all the “celeb” atheists I have met, Dr. Andy Thomson is one of the best. We have only met a handful of times, and he has always been very polite and pleasant. He and I spoke briefly at the recent AAI conference, and I’m sure he is unaware of how much he actually helped [Read More...]

Video: The future, according to Jack Van Impe

You can’t be a fan of those wacky televangelist programs without enjoying the lunacy of Jack Van Impe and his half plastic wife Rexella. Here is a nice compilation of just a little bit of their idiocy. Boy, that answers a few of my questions. So fetuses will be raptured with their mothers and not [Read More...]

Cartoon: Zombies and the baby Jesus

I make no apologies for celebrating Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year, and I love celebrating all the traditions with my kids. I shouldn’t admit it, but I still get choked up singing Silent Night, and love David Bowie’s and Bing Crosby’s version of the Little Drummer Boy. All of that being said, [Read More...]