Is the Bible a weapon of mass destruction?

Every time a natural disaster (or, act of God) sweeps through a community in America, you can rest assured some reporter will interview a random victim as they tour their destroyed home. Almost always, the poor individual will thank God they survived, and quite often point out their family Bible which managed to remain unharmed. It’s [Read More...]

Lunch Break Theater: Atheism, Religion, Philosophy with Sam Harris

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features a recent Science Channel interview of Sam Harris. [Read more...]

Cartoon: Philosorapter Ponders

“All I said was, this velociraptor was smarter than Jehova.” (Props: [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: Richard Dawkins & Peter Singer

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features the uncut Richard Dawkins interview with Peter Singer from “The Genius of Charles Darwin” documentary series. [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: Hitchens & The 10 Commandments

Today’s  Lunch Break Theater features a lecture Christopher Hitchens gave at the Royal Ontario Museum on the Ten Commandments. [Read more...]

Andrew Sullivan and the evolution of religion

Okay, my atheist brothers and sisters, hear me out. Please read what I have to say, before you crucify me. Here it goes. I am a big fan of Andrew Sullivan. More often than not, I agree with what he has to say. Though socially liberal, he is somewhat conservative, but doesn’t support what the [Read More...]

Cartoon: Jesus and the boys

Saturday morning sacrilege from SMBC: [Read more...]