My 2009 AAI convention speech

For various reasons, I have yet to post the video of my talk from the AAI convention in Los Angeles. A few of you have e-mailed me about it, but I continued to put it off since it was now old news, and most of you had already seen it from the link on Atheist Nexus. [Read More...]

The creamy center is filled with demonic nougat!

What’s the use of Halloween if you don’t have lots of scary? So, I present to you the terror that is Pat Robertson and his insane clown posse: Yep, you heard it right. Demons just love to sneak into bags of Halloween candy while it sits all lonely in the grocery store. Here’s a few [Read More...]

Video: Halloween Math

Maybe kids don’t like math because they don’t have teachers like this: The teacher’s name is Matthew Weathers, and he is a professor at Biola University. Brother Richard [Read more...]

Cartoon: Hehe for Behe

Happy Halloween! Here’s a comic strip featuring a perfect costume for the irreducible stupidity of Michael Behe and his not so complex insanity: Click image to enlarge. You gotta love it! Brother Richard [Read more...]

Video: Dawkins and Evolution

This is a refreshing interview with Richard Dawkins concerning his new book, The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution. I particularly  like it because Allan Gregg (the interviewer) asks intelligent questions without wasting most of the time having to deal with the same old creationist silliness first. From YouTube: Controversial author and atheist Richard Dawkins [Read More...]

Arnold Schwarzenegger's "accidental" acrostic

If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is really this creative, I might start liking him again. Check out this supposed accidental acrostic hidden in a letter from The Governator to the members of the California State Assembly: It’s even better if you add the “I” from the first paragraph. It sounds more Schwarzenegger-esk. Brother Richard [Read more...]

Two more videos of Hitchens and Wilson

Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas Wilson continue their media tour promoting their new Documentary film: Collision. I posted two of their previous appearances (here and here). Today, I give you their two most recent appearances. Both of these programs gave the men more air time. This is great because they have more time to develop their [Read More...]