Richard Dawkins and Doctor Who’s Lalla Ward Separate After 24 Years of Marriage

It’s been a bad year for Richard Dawkins. First, in February Dawkins suffered a minor stroke, and now, sadly, the Daily Mail is reporting that Dawkins and actress Lalla Ward are ending their marriage of 24 years. If for some reason, you don’t know, Ward played Romana, a Time Lady, and companion to the fourth [Read More…]

Did Melania Trump Rick Roll the Entire World?

Could it be that Melania Trump was the smartest person at the Republican National Convention yesterday? I knew she spoke five languages, but I think she pranked us all. Many are claiming that Melania plagiarized parts of  Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech, but the Trump campaign has denied it. According to Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort: [Read More…]

Behold the Orchids for Satan’s Bouquet

Earlier today I posted commentary about the Facebook photo that some claim shows a soul leaving a body. In essence, I explained that it was an example of the phenomenon known as pareidolia. In the name of equal time, here’s another example you baby eaters will love. Two Polish scientists have discovered a new flower. The named it, Telipogon [Read More…]

Call the Ghostbusters – Photo Captures Soul Leaving Body

Have you seen this viral Facebook photo of a “soul” ascending to Heaven after a deadly motorcycle crash? A truck driver named Saul Vazquez snapped this picture and added: I took this picture just few minutes ago from the cab of my truck it was an accident between campton and Stanton on the service road just [Read More…]

Sam Harris on Why Donald Trump Is a Dangerous Candidate

While I’ve tried to be comical about it, I’ve spent a lot of time pointing out the craziness that is Donald Trump (see list below). Just last week I wrote about Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson stating that Trump could make up for his past transgressions by simply being “born again.” What is not funny, is [Read More…]

Pokemon GO – Satan Trains at The Westboro Baptist Church

One of the most fun things about Pokemon GO is that all the churches are Pokestops. One of the best things about living in the South is that there is a church on every corner (you know … lemons, lemonade). Perhaps you’ve heard that some ministers like Rick Wiles, believe that Satan is using Pokémon [Read More…]

Will Duck Dynasty Patriarch, Phil Robertson, Be Donald Trump’s Spiritual Advisor?

I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am. It just seems so odd that truly committed Christians continue to come out and support Donald Trump. Yesterday, Raw Story posted a video of Duck Dynasty patriarch, Phil Robertson, providing a simple solution for Trump to “absolve himself of all his past scandals in one fell swoop: [Read More…]