Pat Robertson and the Gay Conspiracy: “Lions and anal and pizza, oh my!”


Forget Bill Nye, we now have Pat Robertson the Science Guy! I don’t know why I enjoy Robertson so much, perhaps it is because I was such a fan of his back in the day, and that I was, and/or he has become so crazy. Or, it’s because he ran for President in 1988. So, [Read More...]

The ‘reason’ for celebrating Easter as an atheist


The Daily Beast’s Steve Neumann, asks this morning: “Do You Really Need Jesus for Easter?” I have struggled with this question ever since my wife and I threw off the shackles of religion. Not because we were torn about celebrating with our children, we proudly do so, but because so many nonbelievers have a problem [Read More...]

Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom’ Law and The First Church of Cannabis


Don’t you always love how “religious freedom” laws always seem to have unintended consequences? In what should have been a great April Fool’s joke, Chicago’s Eyewitness News reported yesterday that Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has allowed for the approval of “The First Church of Cannabis.” Quoting a line from one of my favorite movies, [Read More...]

Model and ‘Miss BumBum’ Runner-Up Has Found God and Clothing


Let’s end the month with some fun. Shall we? It seems Jesus is into the latest “big butt” fad as much as anyone else. Instead of wasting his time on Ebola patients, or emptying out a pediatric cancer center, the good Lord went out of his way to heal Brazilian model, and runner-up of the [Read More...]

Does Pat Robertson represent mainstream Christianity when speaking about gay marriage?


Inevitably, whenever I make a post about Pat Robertson, I get comments asking why I even bother. He’s old. He’ll die soon. Quit giving this douchebag attention. No one cares about him anymore. Regardless, as one who has a pretty good understanding of modern evangelical theology, I contend that Robertson’s views are quite mainstream. The [Read More...]

Inspiration: Carl Sagan was right “We are made of Starstuff.”

SOFIA data reveal warm dust (white) surviving inside a supernova remnant. The SNR Sgr A East cloud is traced in X-rays (blue). Radio emission (red) shows expanding shock waves colliding with surrounding interstellar clouds (green).Credit: NASA/CXO/Herschel/VLA/SOFIA-FORCAST/Lau et al.

Universe Today has described the recent findings of NASA’s airborne observatory, SOFIA, as more proof that Carl Sagan was right: “We are made of starstuff.” For those who don’t know, Sagan made this statement in his best-selling book Cosmos: All the elements of the Earth except hydrogen and some helium have been cooked by a [Read More...]

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson says if an atheist family is raped and killed, they would discover right and wrong


Right Wing Watch has just released audio of a speech the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, made at the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast. During the speech, in an attempt to imply that there is no “right and wrong” for atheists, Robertson offers a scenario in which an atheist father would have a wakeup call. [Read More...]