Pleistocene Park: Woolly Mammoths May Return From Extinction


Perhaps I was the only one, but I sat through each Jurassic Park movie wishing they were true. Not because I had a death wish, but because I thought the whole idea was awesome. Of course, in my fantasies, I was always Alan Grant (the surviving hero) and not Donald Gennaro (the T-Rex snack sitting [Read More...]

Truth Revealed: You are already marked with the anti-Christ’s 666


Oh, I would love the irony of being randomly given this licence plate. California women objects to 666 license plate, and is offended that she was asked to pay for a replacement. I hate to break it to this woman, but there is no reason to worry about a 666 license plate. According to Revelation 13:16, it would have [Read More...]

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Satan is at war with Creflo Dollar. Pray for the little green men!


Dearly beloved, let us bow our heads and pray for our dear brother Creflo Dollar. Satan is trying to destroy his ministry! First, the enemy prevented Rev. Dollar from acquiring his Gulfstream G650, and now the devil is trying to discredit the godly pastor for having the faith to seek one in the first place. [Read More...]

Encouraging believers to be ‘Openly Secular’


Today is “Openly Secular Day,” and I, along with many others, encourage you to be honest about your belief system. Trust me, you may surprisingly find out that you are not alone. Personally, I have found that when I am politely truthful about my beliefs, many people actually agree with me. They, like me, are [Read More...]

Michigan hearing on adoption equality today!


Marriage is only part of the battle for equality. Michigan was in the news last week because of an auto repair shop owner who publicly has stated that gays were not allowed at his business. This man is as bigoted and asinine as any person can be. Nonetheless, I must confess I snickered when after he [Read More...]

Screw Nessie, Look Out For the Abdominal Snowman!


Okay. Okay. This is a one man operation, and sometimes I get a little dependent on auto-correct. In my piece yesterday about “Google joining in the search for the Loch Ness Monster” I reminisced about my younger years of watching Spock on “In Search Of,” and my fascination with cryptozoological creatures. Apparently in the process [Read More...]

Google joins the search for the Loch Ness Monster

Surgeon's Photograph

If you have used Google today, you have seen the above image. It is being used to mark the 81st year since this famous “Surgeon’s Photograph” was first published in the Daily Mail (April 21, 1934). What many people don’t know, is that the photo was revealed to be fake by The Sunday Telegraph in 1975. As a [Read More...]