Rosetta Probe Beats Kim Kardashian

It looks like there might be hope for the world! On Wednesday both an astronomical and an asstronomical event took place. Fort the first time in history, scientists landed a probe on a comet, and Kim Kardashian attempted to “break the internet” by releasing pictures of her assteroid. Why do we care? According to The [Read More...]

Lawrence Krauss is Wrong about Ending Religion

Recently, Lawrence Krauss declared, that just like slavery and the rejection of gay marriage, religion within the United States could be dead within a generation. Here’s the video: Listening to Krauss’s statement, I’m not really sure I agree with him. In fact, I more agree with theology professor, Douglas Jacobsen, who said of Krauss: “He’s [Read More...]

The Freedom to Speak Against Michael Sam’s Homosexual Kiss


Talk show host, Amy Kushnir, believes she is being persecuted for defending “traditional values.” During a recent appearance on Fox News (video below) she explained why she walked off of the set of her own show. If you watch the clip from her show The Broadcast,  you will see that she did so in retaliation [Read More...]

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Easter Movie Review: God’s not dead; he was never alive.

Well, what can I say? I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Being the Easter season, I decided to go see the movie God’s Not Dead. I had to go alone since no one in my family wanted to see it, but I’m used to it. I always go to see these types of films. [Read More...]

Tweeting Live During the Creation Debate

Hello friends, it’s been awhile. Surely you know by now that Ken Ham and Bill Nye will be debating tonight. While it has been controversial, I for one believe it is a good thing. I agree no “real scientist” should partake in such silliness with the likes of Ham, but I believe Nye is more [Read More...]

I Am Back From California


I have just returned from a wonderful week long trip to California. The highlights of my journey included speaking to these three local groups: Atheists United in Los Angeles Ventura Atheists in Ventura San Luis Obispo Atheists in, you guessed it, San Luis Obispo (One of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited). Also, [Read More...]

Pope Francis Says Atheists Can Go To Heaven

What the “Hell” is going on with Pope Francis? Is he rewriting Roman Catholic doctrine? In contrast to his predecessor, Pope Palpatine, who warned against the evils of “aggressive secularism,” Francis recently declared that even atheists can go to Heaven if they do good deeds. The Pope’s words from Vatican Radio: “The Lord has redeemed all [Read More...]