Lack of atheist leaders in the United States and Europe

When it comes to the religious leanings of our political leaders, perhaps the United States is not much different from Europe. Quartz is reporting that Alexis Tsipras is the first prime minister of Greece not to be sworn into office with a religious oath. The reason is that he is an “avowed atheist.” Surprisingly, this makes him [Read More...]

From Mohammad’s mouth to Allah’s ear


What does a deity do when they want to get the word out that they’re still in charge? Well, they could part the heavens and just tell everyone. Perhaps they could suddenly end a famine, or grow a limb on an amputee. Nah, those would be too easy, and the skeptics wouldn’t buy it. If you’re Jehovah, it’s a little easier. You just ignore [Read More...]

From Christian Rocker to Atheist


Like many “born again” teenagers in the 1980s, I was a huge fan of Christian Rock. I would walk up and down the streets of my neighborhood carrying my boom box as it blared Petra’s “Stand Up” (I was sure it was helping me in my witness). To recover from shock of the televangelist scandals [Read More...]

Charlie Hebdo: Justifying Violence and the Limits of Free Speech


With my recent posts about the “Je Suis Charlie” wake up call, the necessity of mockery, and the media’s hypocrisy in dealing with Charlie Hebdo’s new cover, I thought I should take a moment to ask if there should be a limits to free speech? Yeah, yeah, I know the United States Supreme Court ruled you [Read More...]

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Stealing from the Civil Rights and LGBT movements


We just celebrated Martin Luther King Day, and while protests throughout the United States remind us that we still have a long way to go, it is important to recognize our tremendous advances. Just think, the current President of the United States is African American, and he governs from a house built by slaves. This is [Read More...]

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Religious Freedom Day and Thanking Obama

How about some good news? After writing so much about the Charlie Hebdo attacks that intended to silence free speech and free press, I would like to take a moment and recognize a very important day in history that was celebrated on Friday. On January 16, 1786, Thomas Jefferson’s, “Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom,” was [Read More...]

Charlie Hebdo coverage proves MSNBC, CNN and Sky News are hypocrites and cowards

CNN Screen Shot Piss Christ

A couple days ago, I wrote about the brilliant new cover for the Charlie Hebdo magazine. I expressed my hopefulness that news outlets would recognize the newsworthiness of this defiant issue and demonstrate the same courage of USA Today by showing its cover. Here’s an embarrassing Sky News clip that destroys their integrity: Nonetheless, I [Read More...]