Sam Harris and Dave Rubin: The Fabrications and Distortions Continue

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Last week I wrote a piece declaring that Sam Harris’s detractors could no longer justify misrepresenting his views. I believed that Dave Rubin’s interview provided all the information needed to explain Harris controversial positions. I also acknowledged that I disagreed with Harris on a few issues, and that I fully understood that many others would as well. Nonetheless, my plea [Read More...]

Rumors of Christopher Hitchens’ Deathbed Conversion


Knowing he was facing death, it seemed Christopher Hitchens scheduled more speaking engagements than he did while healthy. During these talks, Hitch would prognosticate that there would be rumors of his “deathbed conversion.” Those who were with Hitchens when he died, made it clear that there was no such last minute salvation plea. Furthermore, any speculation of the contrary [Read More...]

Sam Harris and Dave Rubin: No More Excuses For Misrepresentation

Despite its many triumphs this little movement, that has been labeled “new atheism,” has had some major setbacks the past couple years. One of the most astounding has been the way in which we have handled non-theists who disagree with the status-quo positions on politics, religion, and other controversial issues. You would think that as freethinkers, we would be happy to engage in [Read More...]

Questions for Those Who Believe Kim Davis’ Religious Freedoms Are Being Violated


Before I begin my rant, I need to get something of my chest. Yesterday, when Kim Davis was released from prison, a crime much worse than refusing to issue same-sex marriage licences was committed. One of the best motivational songs ever was forever ruined. No longer will I be able to be inspired by the video montage of [Read More...]

Richard Dawkins and the Last Interview of Christopher Hitchens


Back in April, for what has become Hitchens’ Day, I wrote about my 2011 encounter with Christopher Hitchens which took place during the Atheist Alliance of America conference in Houston. The day before the event, Richard Dawkins interviewed Hitchens for the New Statesman. It also ended up being Hitchens’ last interview. Now, for the first time, [Read More...]

Donald Trump’s Church Says He “Is Not An Active Member.”


I must admit that I have enjoyed the popcorn munching show that is Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. In particular, I continue to marvel at his rise in popularity among the religious right. Here at Patheos, I wrote about Trump being, “The Self-Proclaimed New Savior of Christianity.” I relished his statement that he would be “the [Read More...]

Video Reveals The Antichrist Hovering Above Los Angeles


When I was a kid, two of my favorite movie’s were E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. My favorite television shows were Nimoy’s In Search Of, and Project Blue Book. Do you see a theme? Because of all of this, every light in the sky was an alien spacecraft. I was evidence that [Read More...]