Cartoon: Jesus and Mo are being oppressed

Another great one from Jesus and Mo: Brother Richard [Read more...]

Nightline to cover Nigerian children accused of witchcraft

Follow up to: Nigerian Children Beaten Because They Are Witches Be sure to set up your DVRs to record Nightline tonight.  They will be reporting on the Nigerian children who are accused of being possessed by demons, and the pastors who physically abuse them. Watch the preview. [Read more...]

Apparently we are not all created equal

Have you ever wondered how much you were actually worth? Well according to the god of the Old Testament, we’re not all created equal. [Read more...]

French First Lady losing her religion

Carla Bruni has given us a reason to put the French back in “freedom fries.”  The First Lady of France says the Pope’s stance on birth control in Africa has left her feeling “profoundly secular,” and that the Church needs to “evolve.” From the Daily Telegraph: Mrs Bruni-Sarkozy said: “I was born Catholic, I was baptised, [Read More...]

Lunch Break Theater: Evolution of Religious Belief.

A new episode of Lunch Break Theater is posted Monday thru Friday at 11:45 AM (EST). So, save some money, bring a sack lunch to work, and get a heaping helping of some godless goodness. Today, I present the April 22, 2009 speech sponsored by the Center for Inquiry, The Evolutionary Origins of Religious Belief. [Read more...]

Atheist News Podcast Episode 006

“Jesus vs. The Aliens.” The sixth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted. Brother Richard would like to tell you about his sore ass. Poor guy. We talk about some amazing things that are happening in the world of science, as well as some amazing things that are happening in the world of Danish [Read More...]

Quote of The Day

A teacher, we’ll call Ms. H, in Oregan, needs $1800.00 so her 10th and 11th graders can get 25 updated history textbooks. Or, you can just give me $1800.00, and I’ll mail them a piece of paper that says, God did it. –Stephen Colbert The Colbert Report, May 20, 2009 [Read more...]