The Quote of The Day (2 for 1)

Quote 1: The Lie: I’ll tell you, you know, the news today, this whole news day, I won’t be surprised if I wake up in a moment and this whole thing’s a dream, that it’s a nightmare — that I did not do the interview with Sean Hannity; that Barack Obama did not say America [Read More…]

Pinker and Copnik: How Far Can Darwin Take Us?

Recently, The New York Public Library, hosted an conversation with Adam Gopnik and great Steven Pinker. In the below excerpt they discuss the recently hyped “Missing Ling,” and the evolution of the shrug. [Read more…]

Lunch Break Theater: Soldiers in the Army of God

With the assassination of Dr. George Tiller in the news, YouTub user SeeTheEvidence, has uploaded the HBO special, Soldiers in the Army of God.” It is an intriguing show, and great for today’s Lunch Break Theater. [Read more…]

Confirmed: Leadership Changes for the Center for Inquiry

Follow up to: Has Paul Kurtz been removed as head of CFI? The official press release originally scheduled to be released tomorrow, has been released this evening. [Read more…]

Has Paul Kurtz been removed as head of CFI?

Please, for the time being, please stop the calls and emails. I don’t want to come across as rude, but as of now, I cannot confirm or deny the rumors about Paul Kurtz being removed as head of CFI. And, yes, I have read the blog post: There are few figures in the history of organized humanism [Read More…]

Move over Eddie Murphy, there's a new "Golden Child" in town

Apparently, Lama Yeshe (who died in 1984) wasn’t to happy being a Buddhist deity. Because, when he was “reincarnated” as Osel Hita Torres (now 24), he decided to make a break for freedom. From the Guardian:  As a toddler, he was put on a throne and worshipped by monks who treated him like a god. [Read More…]

Nerdgasim: E3 News, "The Beatles ‘Rock Band’ Game!"

  Sir Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison all appeared at the E3 conference yesterday to announce the latest expansion for the “Rock Band” video game. You guessed it, the game will be called: The Beatles. The game will feature 45 of the fab four’s great songs (including every song off the Abbey Road [Read More…]