The Phelps Saga Continued…

Fresh off the heels of yesterday’s posting of Shirley Phelps-Roper’s wonderful comments, I present to you the most recent episode of Chariots of Iron. If you are not subscribing to this podcast, you are missing out.  Download Episode 28 (mp3) Episode 28: God hates Nate Phelps [Read more...]

Lunch Break Theater: History of Disbelief Part II

Jonathan Miller’s Brief History of Disbelief Part II: Noughts and Crosses Yesterday, we began the first of the three part series, “A History of Disbelief.” Today we have part II. Even if you’ve seen it before, it is worth watching again. [Read more...]

Shirley Phelps-Roper Responds to Richard Dawkins

Image by Getty Images via Daylife First, Life Without Faith had the honor of posting Nate Phelps’s follow-up commentary to his American Atheist convention speech. Then we posted Nate’s response to Richard Dawkins as to why Fred Phelps wasn’t in jail. Now, Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of Fred Phelps, and sister of Nate, has responded to us, and specifically Richard Dawkins. For [Read More...]

James Dobson Defends Miss California

On today’s Focus on the Family radio show, James Dobson aired the first of a two part interview with Carrie Prejean, Miss California. She just won’t go away. Dobson paints Prejean as a persecuted martyr who is being oppressed for taking a stand for traditional families. This is Prejean’s answer to Dobson’s question about answering [Read More...]

Saudi Judge Endorses Slapping Wife For Overspending

A Saudi judge has said it is acceptable for a man to slap his wife for spending too much money. He said this while speaking at a seminar on…wait for it….domestic violence. Jeddah judge Hamad al-Razine gave the example of overspending to buy a high-end abaya, the head-to toe black shroud Saudi women have to [Read More...]

Collision: A 13 Minute Preview

Last week I asked, “Where is the Collision Movie?” I would like to thank Darren Doane, the film’s director/producer and music video icon, for sending us a link to the first 13 minutes of the documentary. Brother Richard [Read more...]

Are Atheists Elitists?

  TPM blogger and open atheist, Ickyma, has posted a very thought provoking article entitled, “If the GOP is the Party of No, Atheism is the Philosophy of No.” This title does not represent his personal views. It is a quote from a post he read on Daily Kos. I highly recommend reading the article. [Read More...]