Why I Am Proud to Be an American During Trump’s Inauguration

Why I Am Proud to Be an American During Trump’s Inauguration Today, I am very proud of my country. Here me out. No one was more anti-Trump than me during the election season. Yet, as I sit and watch the inauguration, I am in awe of our tradition of a smooth transition of power. Our [Read More…]

Is There Religious Freedom in Atheist China?

Students of history know that Mao Zedong declared religion was one of the “Four Olds” and akin to Nazism. Therefore, it had to be eradicated, and his Communist regime demolished churches and jailed clergy. Moreover, if you went to church in the 60s and 70s, you heard stories of brave missionaries smuggling Bibles into China. [Read More…]

For the First Time, a Peer-Reviewed Survey Debunks the Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory

One of the favorite conspiracy theories of wackos like Alex Jones and Dick Gregory is the claim that contrails (condensation trails) are actually chemtrails (chemical trails) released by those in power for nefarious purposes. Here’s a video of Prince spewing this nonsense: Well now, for the first time, a peer-reviewed study has been published that [Read More…]

Vice Photos from the Opening Ken Ham’s Creationist Ark Encounter

VICE is one my favorite news site. They hold no punches, and if you watch their HBO series, you know their reporters take some crazy risks to report their stories. As I was looking through the photos taken by Samantha Friend at the opening of Ark Encounter, a few interesting things stood out to me. Yeah, we all [Read More…]

Woman Claims She Was Raped by a Pokemon Monster

I don’t know why, but I am fascinated with the crazies and their Pokémon adventures. This is why I wrote about Satan training at the Westboro Baptist Church, Ken Ham claiming Pokémon were evidence for creationism, and the radio preacher saying the Devil uses Pokémon to target church leaders. Hell, I even got a little [Read More…]

What does the Bible and Nostradamus say about Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Vladimir Putin?

Ah, there’s that smell in the air. It must be the election season. Researchers are hard at work looking for evidence that our hopeful leaders are the Anti-Christ. Good news though, President Obama still tops the list. Jennifer LeClaire, the senior editor of Charisma, points out: If you type in ‘is Hillary Clinton the Antichrist’ [Read More…]

Democrat Scott Harbach Says His Party Has Become the Atheist Party

Today, fellow Democrats Russ Feingold and Scott Harbach are facing off for their party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate. The odd thing about Harbach is that he does not believe in the separation of church and state. At least that is what he implied in this radio interview yesterday. Wow. There is so much wrong [Read More…]