Our Wedding Video

You really know you’ve found the right spouse when you are living with her on a foreign continent in a country where you don’t know the language and it’s the most at home you’ve ever felt in your life. Read more

Study Philosophy With Me In 2018!

Explore philosophy with a former professor in live, personalized, interactive, small group, video-conference philosophy classes. Read more

Have I Considered Catholicism Sufficiently?

A Catholic apologist agrees with me that I had good reasons to leave Calvinism, but claims I didn’t have good reasons to leave Christianity. Read more

A Personal Reflection on Camels With Hammers’ 8th Anniversary

Just a personal update for my readers about why I’ve not been blogging and expressing my intention to return to blogging. Read more

Yearly Quote Round up

Every year on this day, I present quotable sayings that I came across in the previous twelve months. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ~ A.A. Milne “The first job of a teacher is to make the student fall in love with the subject. That doesn’t have to be done by waving your arms and prancing around the classroom; there’s all sorts of ways to go at it, but no matter what, you… Read more

The Time To Protest Trump Is Now.

It is time for a negotiation, not a coronation. Read more

Don’t Assume Trump Will Be A One Term President.

During their first terms, I never understood people who scoffed at the idea that George W. Bush or Barack Obama could possibly win a second term. To me they were always odds on favorites. Incumbents always are. In the last one hundred years going back to the election of 1916 a sitting president has lost only a national election four times. They’ve won thirteen times. One of those losses was of a president (Ford) who’d never been elected before, so if we count only the… Read more

My Thoughts on Social Justice Activists on Campuses and Why Philosophy Matters

I’m delighted that I just got the chance to go on Trav Mamone’s Bi Any Means podcast! The first half is about who I am and how I got where I am and why I named my blog what I did. In the latter half of the issue Trav asked for my thoughts on social justice activists on college campuses and my thoughts on why philosophy matters. I had a blast, check it out! Your Thoughts?    Read more

On Steelmanning Arguments and Personally Customizing Them

When you straw man someone’s argument you present an easy-to-refute misrepresentation of their reasoning rather than countering what they actually think or the actual reasons that they have for thinking it. Rob Talisse coined the term “weak man” to refer to a related but distinguishable tactic of focusing on someone’s weakest arguments for their position while avoiding their strongest ones. Unlike in the case of a straw man, this involves addressing arguments actually advanced by one’s opponent, but like strawmanning weakmanning fails… Read more

After Orlando: An Open Letter To Conservative Christians About Loving Gay People

Conservative Christians, if you loved gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender people you wouldn’t erase or minimize the fact that Orlando was a persecutory act against them. You also wouldn’t love them only for their potential to become conservative Christians like you. Your typical attitudes show you not only don’t love gays, but you don’t even give them the basic civic respect that you give others you think are at least as equally displeasing God. And you certainly don’t treat them as you would tolerate being treated for one solitary second. Read more

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