A Bitter Sweet Goodbye To Unreasonable Faith

In June 2009, I took my abandoned personal blog and, with the help of an old friend from college who had recently deconverted and become enthused about my writing, I relaunched it as Camels With Hammers, determined to make it a well-read blog. Although the very first post, curiously, doesn’t even mention atheism (or anything else [Read More...]

On Why We Should Do Specifically Humanist Charity (And A Chance to Learn How To Do It Best)


Humanism is a view of the world that prioritizes reason, compassion, and human empowerment as the means for living ethical lives and making transformative positive change in the world. Humanists spend a lot of time countering the pernicious lie that people need to believe in gods in order to either know right from wrong or [Read More...]

My Atheistic Appreciation For Religion

My hope is not for the eradication of religion altogether but for its eventual evolution into something as modernly improved and open to improvement as all the “secular” spheres of life have become in the last few centuries. I would like religions to catch up far faster to the sciences, to the social sciences, to the arts, to politics, to philosophy, etc., and be a worthy complement to all those other endeavors. Religious institutions should be ones that integrate all these rich and hardly won discoveries of modern humanity into average people’s minds coherently. They should help people implement ever improved practices that are informed and reinformed perpetually by our constantly advancing resources. They should draw upon the full range of artistic resources and be spurs for boundary breaking in creating better ones.

In short, I don’t want religions to go away. I want them to once again be wellsprings of human culture and creativity, rather than the havens of reactionaries and those who revere long refuted errors. [Read more...]

Why I Am Anti-Christianity (Rather Than A Christian Reformer)

On Thursday I wrote a post with ten tips for Christian evangelism from my atheistic perspective. Atop the post, I warned readers that although I was going to give sincere advice to Christians, I am myself anti-Christianity. In response to the post, I have received a gratifyingly enthusiasm in all the Christians whose responses I [Read More...]

Top 10 Tips For Christian Evangelism (From An Atheist)

I am writing this post to evangelical Christians who want to spread the Gospel. I want to give you my best advice about how to approach evangelism. Let me be unequivocally clear at the start: I am an atheist. More than that, I am an anti-Christian atheist. I actively argue against Christianity. I unabashedly admit [Read More...]

The No God Cast

Tanner Campbell is the host of The No God Cast, which has 30,000 subscribers, and the founder of Secularite.  In the last year Tanner has poured his life and his resources into pushing the envelope of secular media. It is thanks to Tanner that you can go to Secular.FM at anytime and listen to secular podcasts [Read More...]

Standing Up To The Heretical Professor: One Young Christian’s Story

In response to the film God’s Not Dead, Cassidy remembers the time that her professor, and the Dean of her college who held a Master’s in Divinity, was going to examine the book of Job from a literary and historical perspective, rather than an ideologically theological one. As an unusually conservative 18 year old Christian she [Read More...]

Does Belief In Hell Increase Unhappiness?

This is a guest post by Matthew Facciani. He is a cognitive neuroscience graduate student at the University of South Carolina. Are religious people more happy than non-religious people? You may have heard other people provide an opinion about this or perhaps you have an opinion yourself. Fortunately, the scientific method can address such questions [Read More...]

The Secret Intimacy Between Solitary Writers and Readers

Were you and I to interact directly, whether communicating face to face or exchanging messages in writing, we would be tailoring our self-presentation to each other. We would be thinking about what information we feel comfortable divulging and how exactly to frame it so that we can represent ourselves, our opinions, and our lives how [Read More...]

Why I Wrote A Bad Movie Review of God’s Not Dead


I grew up as an Evangelical Christian on Long Island, which was a fairly secular place. Outside of my church almost every one I knew where I grew up was Jewish or some kind of nominal Catholic or nominal Protestant. It was ingrained in me that members of my “non-denominational” set of churches (the Church [Read More...]