Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to stop by and briefly or not so briefly peruse the new blog.

In the coming weeks, I will start to provide more discussion of the Mets and philosophy and movies (particularly Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) as promised. I hope to continue to rotate topics and more and more to find insights worth your time before posting. Each general topic will be in the title so that you have an idea whether the subject matter interests you when you scan the article titles. Please also remember to read the comments from fellow readers as I hope to be able to stimulate discussion as much as anything.

So with all those ambitious goals stated—-the bad news: for the next week and a half I may be blogging more slowly as I will be without a computer. Yesterday morning I learned that I need to send my motherboard back to the Dell mothership and so I may be without a computer for a mother of a long time.

So, if the posts come slower, do not lose heart, and do not give up on me as I will have not given up on you, reader of burgeoning loyalty. 🙂 I recommend “subscribing” to the blog at the top so you are alerted when new topics are posted.

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