Okay, I have finally decided to use this forum. Thankfully there is good news for my many loyal readers who must be very worried that since I was not writing out ideas for my dissertation here that I wasn’t writing them out at all. The good news is that I have been writing them out but keeping them to myself and to my professors. I know, you’re hurt and shocked and feel like a sacred vow has been broken. You 8 people who have looked at my profile at some point in the last 10 months (most of whom I think were actually me) will be rewarded for all those disappointing visits. All those times you came here looking for something new and exciting and thought provoking but could only take poor comfort in rereading the first post will now be rewarded. Now I literally do not know how to get the enter button to give me a new line. So, I don’t know how much longer this post can go. Please do not interpret this as an annoying grammaticapolitical statement against readable paragraph breaks or as a sign of things to come!—————————————————————————————————–This is so embarrassing to have to resort to dashes to separate paragraphs, but here we are, it must be done.——————————————————————Okay, so, yes, I will as mentioned in the first post in December blog philosophical ideas and musings on life of greater and lesser relevance to my dissertation. Additionally, however, I hope to blog my poems (if I can get over the completely irrational fear of someone stealing them and making millions of dollars or, worse, a name for themselves, off of them), discuss baseball—particularly my beloved Mets and Blue Jays, discuss the music of the great Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and others, practice my film reviewing skills, AND write on topics suggested by commenters. I have already arranged to have three readers and they have all agreed to comment and to submit topics for discussion when the blog is slow or when they are curious about what I have to say about something. They actually do not KNOW they’ve agreed to this but reading this post, as they promised to do, legally counts as agreement to do everything asked of them in it. What topics might they suggest to me? That’s up to them. It is well known I can talk about just about anything. ———————————-sigh—————————————————————————————Okay, so without much further adoing…..

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