So you don’t get the Tom Petty fixation?

I recommend a few days with gonegator radio online at This radio station plays Tom Petty’s music most of the time and intersperses them with songs from friends (including fellow Traveling Wilbury alumns like Bob Dylan and George Harrison and many more) and his idols and influences.

The thing that people who only know Petty from a handful of radio hits tend not to understand is the impressive depth, range, and consistency of his catalogue of original songs or the superior ability to put on a tremendous live show that both fleshes and out reenergizes even his oldest hits but also reveals him as a master cover artist to rank with the very greats of that genre.

His genius skill with phrasing his own lyrics is equally evident when interpreting those of rock n’ roll, jazz, blues, country, and R&B legends like Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, the Byrds, Muddy Waters, Buddy Holly, the Rolling Stones, Johnny Cash, Bo Didley, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and truly many more.

With Gonegator Radio you’ll at least get a sample of the former strength as they play consistently brilliant TPATH songs from each of the dirverse eras of his career and selected from all over the albums—not just from the singles. This is the best thing short of borrowing my i-pod for being exposed to the depth and range of Tom’s amazing catalogue. I will keep the link on the blog in the links section soon as I figure out how to add them.

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