A-Rod To Bat 8th!

If ever there was a guage of Joe Torre’s true opinion of you, it’s how he decides to use you in a game where the Yankees can be eliminated. He has a remarkable ability to show no mercy in pulling a pitcher or benching a player, etc. when it is all on the line and there’s no room for error. Dropping A-Rod to 8th means that when it’s “life and death” to Torre, he is not putting his life in A-Rod’s hands first. I also suspect that Torre is buying what many are speculating—-the notion that if the Yankees don’t win this series, it will finally cost him his job. And I could see that as being fair for the first time. This team is struggling in part because it’s getting outplayed but in part because it is in a lull and one that Torre seems not to get them out of for the last few years. For the first time it looks like Torre may be legitimately ready to go. It looks like he’s managing aggressively and decisively here as part of sending the message he was trying to do something besides let the Titanic sink. Thankfully though the water is quite high already 🙂

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