As Willie’s Eyes Are Red

I’ve never seen a manager with eyes so full of tears, even as he is so cool and collected in voice and comments.

He’s a damn good leader.

This hurts a lot. I so hope that we build from this year and from this exercise in character development. I hope we look back to this game the way Red Sox fans (and Yankees haters everywhere) can look at the Aaron Boone game in 2003—-as obliterated of any importance. Or the way the Yankees look at 1995 and 1997—-as the last heartbreaks before torrential storm of championships.

It was a little too good to be true to sneak in as National League championship in our first great year in 6.

The only question is—-this was a magical team. Can next year’s be too? Can you get that kind of chemistry and aura of destiny just any year, just by having a good team? We didn’t blow The Shot did we?

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