Mets’ Moral Obligation

There is simply no way that the Mets can allow in good conscience that the team with the 13th best record in baseball go to the World Series representing the National League. Only the 1973 Mets can go to the World Series with such a miserable record.

The Mets are the only team in the league worthy of representing our league against the Tigers and the only team that wouldn’t get eaten alive in 4 games straight by said Tigers. The NL has given the NL Central two straight chances at the World Series and they’ve managed to go 0-8. Way to represent! Oh, by the way, that’s the NL Central’s cumulative record in World Series games since the inception of the division in 1995! And all those teams in the NL Central, combine for 0-8 in World Series games ever since the 1990 Reds finished their sweep of the A’s. In 15 years, they’ve managed two trips to the World Series and come home 0-8 in the games played. Can we contract entire divisions???

That is part of why I simply can take no consolation should something disastrous happen and the Mets lose. They tied for best record in the majors, they’re the only team in their awful league to top 90 wins and managed to come close to 100. They are the only team that can compete and beat in the American League. And, without a trip to the World Series, they will have defeated a team with 14 less regular season wins. With all the attention on the Yankees’ upset by the Tigers, that upset was not nearly as massive as the Mets’ would be losing to a team this seriously inferior in record.

And the Mets need to win the World Series to shake the stigma of coming from a league that got thoroughly exposed and embarrassed by interleague play this year. Being the best in the National League was not enough to prove our legitimacy beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s time we showed it by being the best in the majors. That’s an achievement no one can fairly quibble with.

So, there can be no losing to the Cardinals before we even get the World Series opportunity!!

Fortunately, of course, the Mets will not lose. Jose Reyes is being everything we know he can be, Carlos Delgado is being everything I always told everyone he is, and DWright and Beltran are only now starting to heat up, our bullpen has gotten its bad outings out of its system, our ace gets to go on his full rest tonight, there is no excuse for not returning to Shea up 3-2.

Mets in 6.

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