NLCS Game 2

The Mets win this game and the series is effectively over. No way the Cardinals will come back from a 2-0 deficit, having already lost a Carpenter start. But can the Mets beat Carpenter? With his ~4.70 road ERA instead of his ~1.80 home ERA, I am much happier to face him. And even before I learned such numbers, I thought the Mets can beat him. Now, it’s already been established I still am in denial that he’s a Cy Young caliber pitcher despite much evidence he is. But, nonetheless, I don’t think it’s crazy talk that just remembers him stinking as a Blue Jay when I say our bats are due for a good night.

We can score early through a lot of the kind of bunting and stealing that Willie is sure to employ against a reigning Cy Young award winner and then I think the game will get broken open midway.

Otherwise, if Carpenter pitches well, we might see a rather humorous pitching duel—-Carpenter vs. 5 Mets pitchers in tandem for a one run game in the bottom of the 7th. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if that’s what we’re looking at.

Either scenario, I’m confident the Mets win and make the Cardinals as good as dead.

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