On The A’s Beating the Twins (and the Tigers’ Return To Favored Status)

I should have known better. Every year I usually scoff at the notion that the Twins can dominate a 5 game series behind their one dominant pitcher. I usually say, he will just not be enough. And this year, I really should have been looking at that A’s staff and realizing that beyond a game or so, they should be the favorites for a series.

Though I still would have never predicted a sweep! Or that former Mets Jay Payton and Marco Scutaro (whose first mlb hit, a triple, I saw live) would be such contributors in the effort. Can’t stand Payton, but good for Scutaro and Zito and the rest of them. I kind of like them against the Yankees. BUT LOVE them losing to the Tigers.

Here’s hoping the Tigers make it and beat them. I’ll also predict that if the Tigers make the next round they take out the A’s. Midsummer it looked like the Tigers and the Mets were on a collision course for the World Series. The Tigers having stunningly returned to their forgotten strength—the best pitching in MLB, while in the AL!—look like they’re back on that collision course.

I mean, really, what teams were bigger stories in baseball this year than the resurgent Mets and Tigers? Before the Tigers’ last minute regular season collapse they were the team of destiny with all the surprise and magic. And the Mets have been the clear dominators of the NL. We might get the World Series we deserve now. (And one the Mets can easily win)

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