Sick To My Stomach

All day, just sick. Can’t believe we are up against one (hopefully two) MUST win games. All day, just sick. Can’t believe we are up against one (hopefully two) MUST win games.

I’m confident we can win. I’m predicting we will win. We MUST win.

We are down, but it’s not because of our starting pitching. Like I said before the postseason started, this postseason would hinge on whether or not our bats and our bullpen came through. These are our extraordinary strengths and so far they have disappointed overall. We could not expect the starting pitching to give us shutouts and two run games, so to blame them for not doing so would just miss the point.

And to make the excuse that since they were unable to do so we lost is also to miss the point. Our team is designed to have the bats and the bullpen be so much better than average they are to be expected to put up a lot of runs and hold the mid-late innings down respectively. These are our strengths. It is no excuse to blame our weakness if our strengths fail.

If our hitters and our bullpen play up to their potential and we STILL were to lose, then you just tip the cap to the Cardinals and say, “look their starters being better than ours was enough to make the difference.” But if our hitting doesn’t show up and our bullpens don’t hold the games down, then we get beat in an inexcusable way.

And, as much as I don’t single out closers to be superhumans who never make mistakes, our bullpen had to perform like ace pitchers because our starters do not have the capability to fulfill that task. So, Friday’s meltdown by the pen, while not a sign that they’re bad players or chokers, just was the kind of backfire we couldn’t afford.

And last night Glavine and the pen weren’t unhittable, but neither should Jeff Weaver have been. Our offense has the ability to score more than 4 runs. Unacceptable that it did not.

In these last two games, our hitters need to step up to the plate and live up to their abilities. Our bullpen needs to pitch to its abilities and shut down the Cardinals in the 5th, 6th, or 7th-9th innings PERIOD.

This is all on them. No blaming the starters who are put in situations no one ever expected them to be capable of.

It’s not a bonus if we hit. It’s a necessity.

Now Let’s Go Mets. That means YOU Jose, Beltran, and DWright!

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