Tigers Continue To Maul A’s

Since the domination of the Tigers over the Yankees in game 3 of the ALDS it’s looked to me like a fait accompli that the Tigers were going to steamroll their way to the World Series. I wasn’t giving the A’s a chance in my mind.

And now that the A’s have lost the first two games of the series at home—-these aren’t the ’86 Mets or even the ’85 Royals—-they’re not coming back from the blown advantage.

I really want the Tigers to win and make the series but I wouldn’t mind the A’s making it a little harder on them before this is all over. I don’t shirk from the Mets having to playing the best team in the World Series and so I don’t mind rooting for what looks to me to be the more dangerous opponent for us. But at the same time, I’m not going to root that they come in nice and well rested, with their ideal pitching rotation in place!

But then again, these Tigers are so deep in starting pitching, I doubt there’s a scenario that hurts them in that regard anyway.

I want the Mets to beat a great team. The Tigers, when done mauling the A’s and Yankees will have proven themselves worthy enough to give the Mets a good name when the Mets beat them in the World Series.

I can’t wait!

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