We Wanted A Team Reminiscent of the 1986 Mets….

Well, we wanted a season that celebrated 1986 with a duplication of a championship. And now we have the chance to see this team become legitimately legendary the way that team did in the end. Which is with the ability to come back from the apparent dead. It’s the adversity that makes the win classic and legendary. It’s the challenge overcome that makes the men who overcome it great.

It is time to see if this team is ready to be great, ready to be worthy of having their team remembered in the same sentence as that hallowed 1986 team so celebrated by scholars of the game and fans of the Mets alike.

Taking the dramatic challenge of winning games 6 and 7 in miraculous fashion, given, in this team’s case, the decimation of the starting pitching staff, is their charge if they want to be remembered as great and not as the greatest collapse of a superior team to an inferior one (regular season record wise, anyway) in a 7 game series ever.

No team has been both 25 games more over .500 over its opponent and lost to that opponent when the inferior team hadn’t even been a 90 win team. This would be historic. Much more historic by the numbers than the historic to appearances upset of the Tigers to the Yankees. The 97 win Yankees lost to a 95 win Tigers. Stupefyingly sluggish finish by the Tigers and historic losing season in 2003 notwithstanding, all tolled they were equivalent teams on paper in terms of accomplishments.

The 97 win Mets losing to the 83 win Cardinals would be sheer disgrace.

So, that’s what we’re looking at. This season initially was a chance to just have a great boost year, going from 82 wins to 97 wins and making it far in the postseason as a great improvement, first run season. But we won too big to take that consolation prize now. We had too little adversity in the regular season to feel like we got our money’s worth for all the greatness of this team.

This team, to be satisfactory at this point needs to not buckle against a massive underdog.

And this team, to be great, needs to show the ability to win dramatically against an incredible challenge.

Let’s Go Mets. Let’s Make History. The GOOD Kind.

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