Mets and Jays Should Talk Vernon Wells

Alright, I’ll admit right off to the biased preference as a Mets-Jays fan that the Blue Jays that have to leave the Jays wind up in Flushing when they do so.

But the simple fact is that Wells is the kind of guy you want to lock up as a long term fixture in your outfield while he’s young and coming off a great first few Major League seasons. And the Blue Jays will not be able to afford him. So, I hope he goes the way of Carlos Delgado and John Olerud, which is the way to Flushing, where I can stay a huge fan of him even as he leaves the Jays.

The Mets are missing two corner outfielders, could lock up Wells who is a gold glove centerfielder long term once he’s a Met and the team has exclusive negotiating rights with him before his final year of his present contract ever happens. We can sign him for the same kind of money we’d have to pay for a Soriano or other legit superstar corner outfielder and get the defensive skills of a gold glove centerfielder.

Wells means a lineup with four legit superstar caliber players all in their 20s when he is put with Reyes, Wright, and Beltran, all around one of the game’s great power hitters in the still-only-34-next-year Carlos Delgado who can be around at least 3 more years at the Mets sole discretion.

I don’t know what the Jays would want in return by Ricciardi’s bullshit about keeping Wells another year and contending and being willing to lose him to free agency is just more of this delusional nonsense that the Jays have a shot of unseating the Yankees already when they simply do not. Much as I wish the Jays were at that point, theyr’e not and they won’t be until they start thinking players much better than A.J. Burnett, Benji Molina, and Troy Glaus are the sorts of players who can turn around a franchise overnight.

At least this year our young arms were a strength that gives one hope. But, seriously, a lot more is going to be added before this team competes and losing Vernon Wells for nothing after next year is NOT going to help. The Jays need to use the possibility that they CAN keep him for next year as trade leverage, but ultimately, they CANNOT keep him through next year without losing him for nothing in return after the season.

Let’s get something while we can, Blue Jays. Let’s lock up a player more cheaply by trading now and forestalling a free agency bidding war with a preemptive contract, Mets.

Reyes, Beltran, Delgado, Wells, Wright, Chavez, LoDuca, Valentin. I say we go to the World Series with that lineup.

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