Joe Scarborough Is My New Hero

Last night he told off Bill O’Reilly with a freaking passionate speech. This wasn’t one of Olberman’s a little too self important and overly rhetorical “special comments” (right as their substance might usually be.) This was a genuinely thoughtful conservative thinker going after a blowhard narcissistic demagogue!O’Reilly’s been attacking MSNBC for apparently trying to market to liberals (as opposed to FOX which allegedly has no political agenda hahahahahaha) and Scarborough has been getting increasingly irritated over it over the weeks. And he just called O’Reilly out in the most stirring fashion.

I love MSNBC. I think Tucker and Scarborough are the two of the best and most reasonable conservatives on TV, Chris Matthews is the coolest guy, and Keith Olberman is a bit of an annoying geek and a blowhard but at least has the balls to stand up to that jackass O’Reilly.I’m generally liberal, I admit, but the fact that I like the entire MSNBC star lineup, including the conservatives, is due to the fact that they’re all reasonable and thoughtful commenators, not because they’re biased.Man I hope this Scarborough clip gets picked up and makes some waves.

It’s time conservatives stopped drinking O’Reilly’s kool aid and we were through with this insidious, polarizing, hypocritical demagogue.

Here’s an earlier attack on O’Reilly that was also right on—

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