Teenagers’ Limbs Cut Off For Stealing

as a crowd of 300 men, women, and children watched:

Somalia’s capital Mogadishu was witness, Thursday, to the public amputation of the left leg and right hand from each of four thieves.  They were all teenagers, about seventeen years old.

The thieves, were convicted of stealing some mobile phones and two guns by a Whahbist Sharia court of the al-Shabaab movement which currently controls most of Mogadishu.  They had no lawyers.  There was no possibility of appeal.

Loudspeakers on nearby Mosques, which daily sound the call to prayer, announced the impending amputations to the public.  Many women and children were among crowd of approximagely 300 which gathered to watch.  Somalies, who are accustomed to a less harsh version of Islam, were said to have been shocked by the sentences.  The victims, for their part, were said to have been screaming as the sentences were carried out.

The following NTV Nigeria video does not show the amputations.

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