The President’s Speech On LGBT Issues Yesterday

In case you missed it, here’s a link to the video and one to the transcript.

Dan Savage isn’t blown away:

my first impression after a quick read is that Obama wants credit for all the great stuff he’s asked Congress to do for gay and lesbian Americans—and he’s only asked Congress to do this stuff, he’s not pressing Congress to do any of it—and he gives no indication that he’s willing to do what he can on his own, like suspending enforcement of DADT. I’m not sure we should be applauding the president for passing the buck, however eloquently he is while he does so.

Andrew Sullivan found it moving but not newsworthy:

It looked like a great event today (no, I wasn’t invited) including the duck ring-tone. I see no news in it – although the president did reiterate his support for ending the HIV travel ban and said he’d begun discussions on ending the military gay ban. Steve Hildebrand seems to have knocked some awareness into the guy (and I suspect Michelle helped). The speech was, however, a moving one, especially the props to Frank Kameney, a true icon of the movement for equality long before Stonewall.

And Jim Burroway is similar:

I thought it was an excellent speech overall. But speeches are relatively unimportant. It’s actions that matter.

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