Pope Benedict XVI In League With “Liberal Communists”?

Anthony Paul Smith has an interesting response (one that seems to be deeply influenced by Zizek’s remarks on those whom he dubs “liberal communists” here) to the Pope’s new encyclicalAn excerpt from Smith:

Apparently any use of technology in relation to life, from birth control to abortion to in vitro to cloning, is a sign that human society is hubristic and thinks not only that it is able to master the mysteries of the universe but that there are no such mysteries. I find this a strange position and have trouble even entering into the thinking enough to respond to it. It simply makes no sense to me. Of course there is a real danger of a kind of totalitarian bio-politics arising out of these sorts of technology, but such a threat exists because of the technologies nestedness in the culture of capitalism with strong corporations and weak States and international actors. Of course tools are not value-neutral, there is a shift in the use of a tool, but tools and technology must be understood ecologically. If the structure allows for a fascist niche to form then, yes, the technology will fill it, but the task then comes to change the structure.

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