A Mathematician At The “Creation Museum”

Jason Rosenhouse relates his experience:

Very frustrating, but entirely typical for creationists. They have a single intuition, that functional systems do not evolve gradually by undirected processes. Virtually all of their scientific arguments are based on attaching poorly understood jargon to that intuition. They have no real understanding even of what the questions are, much less what to do to find answers. I have had conversations like this at virtually every creationist conference I have attended. They always play out in the same way.

But here’s the thing. In talking to creationists, especially of the YEC variety, I know going in that it will be like talking to a wall. The troubling thing is that things hardly got better when I tried to talk to some of the theistic evolutionists at the conference.

The whole thing was rather frustrating. Several of the talks were devoted to taking atheists to task for, in the view of the speakers, improperly mixing science with religion. My understanding is that all of the talks were invited, but apparently no one thought it would be worthwhile to invite someone of a different perspective, if just to make the session more interesting. The speakers were keen to stress their own Christian faith and their dismay that so many feel they must choose between science and religion. This, mind you, at a paleontology conference. Who’s mixing science and religion, again?

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