Aaron Jentzen, “Great Inventors” and “Magnetic West”

I wholeheartedly recommend you go to Aaron Jentzen’s reverbnation page by clicking here if you love “elegaic baritone” (as his webpage puts it).  He reminds me of everything I love about Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Matt Berninger (lead singer of The National).  And similar as his voice is in general style to these guys’ it’s still got a distinctive spectacularness  that makes him a must-listen in his own right.

His overall sound to my ears is closer to The National than any of the other influences his website cites.  In particular, “Magnetic West’s” crisp acoustic guitar and beautiful cellos (played by Cellofourte) really could have fooled me had you simply told me I was listening to The National.  And if you do not know why that’s a serious compliment to be compared to The National, then quite simply you must not be familiar yet with this album.  And you should really remedy that ignorance of one of the best albums of recent years.

(Full disclosure:  I know Aaron Jentzen.  Fuller disclosure:  I’d just as enthusiastically recommend his music to you if I didn’t.)


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