Allies Of Political Secularism From Egypt And Lebanon

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  • Tarej Ibrazan Rein Filth

    Pomp And Circumcision

    Land of Hope and Glory!
    Eretz Israel!
    Wider still and wider,
    shall thy bounds be set!
    Let´s do Circumcision
    with the bayonnett!
    Let´s build kibbutzim
    all over the place!
    Lots of lovely barracks
    and lots of barking dogs!
    Searchlights and watchtowers
    shows the Land is Ours!
    Miles of barbed wire
    set our harts on fire,
    makes us feel at home!
    We´r the Choosen People!
    God gave us missiles
    to fullfill our goal
    to take the drinking water
    and fill our swimming pool!
    War and Demolishon
    is our Sacred Mission
    in the Holy Land!

    [Melody:Pomp And Circumstance by Edward Elgar]