Barb Jungr’s “Like A Rolling Stone”

The best covers are ones that bring things out of a great song (or even a mediocre one) that you never could have gotten out of the original and other versions.  I love covers because they reveal things about songs you thought you knew already and show their other possibilities.  Most of all they highlight the contribution of the artist him or herself in making a song what it is.  When the lyrics and basic melody, etc. serve as a common baseline, every distinctive in voice, phrasing, tempo, instrument, arrangement is forefronted as the key distinguishing feature.  Everything unique to both specific artists is what makes each one’s version so special and worthwhile.

I have this song in a perfect .WAV file from a wonderful 26 disc bootleg set of of Dylan covers called “Nobody Sings Dylan Like Dylan.”  This video has mostly good sound except for just a couple skips in the music and a hiss. Besides those problems, it’s a fine representation of a truly stunning and ideal cover as Barb Jungr gives one of my all time favorite Dylan covers.

“Like A Rolling Stone” with just piano, voice and plenty of pathos.  Don’t pass this video up:
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