Biden Trusts Palin Quit For Personal Reasons

Biden told Stephanopolous that when people reject higher office his own guess is often that it was primarily motivated by:

what the state of their life was and the state of their family.

And he also said

Those who’ve been deeply involved in politics know at the end of the day that it is really and truly a personal deal…and personal family decisions have a real impact on people’s decisions.

I don’t know what prompted her decision to not only not run again and also to step down as a consequence of the decision not to run in 2010…and I take her at her word that it had a personal ingredient in it and you have to respect that.

I’m not going to second guess her.

I found this an odd moment of identification as a class (politicians), rather than as partisans.  It’s either one of three things, Biden really does mean it that when politicians claim personal considerations affect their resignations that he can attest it is usually not the complete dodge of the truth it sounds like.  Or he knows it’s a cover-up phrase but the “fraternity/sorority” of politicians comes first and he won’t attack the excuse that all politicians (and maybe some day he himself) need to avail themselves of.  Or he’s just a combination of graceful winner and someone unwilling to get in the way while his enemy is imploding.

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