Buying A Twitter Following

Turns out that if you can’t get people interested in your Twitter updates, you can always get a 1000 followers for $87.  Essentially it looks like a way to turn Twitter into yet another opportunity to send you junk mail from advertisers.  (In addition to their attempt to destroy the entire point of Digg and make it, too, just another avenue for the already wealthier to buy more traffic regardless of quality.)

Yes, just as it was with other social networking sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg, web traffic and promotion company says it has had a “massive response” to offering Twitter users “follower packages” if they are having trouble attaining them on their own.

The packages are aimed at businesses and start with 1000 followers ($US87) and range up to 100,000 ($US3479).

From a business point of view, claims each follower is worth “about 10c” to a business.

Last year, uSocial famously received – and ignored – a “cease and desist” order from popular news aggregator Digg for helping clients buy votes on the site and articially boost their stories up the popularity rankings.

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