“Don’t Talk To The Police”

This is a great video on the 5th Amendment and on the various reasons people should always invoke its privileges.  Quite eye-opening on both police procedures and our rights.

At 48 minutes it sounds long, but I couldn’t turn it off start to finish.

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  • Evangelos

    Thanks so much for sharing! Yet another case in which silence is golden. Such a shame the existence of the Fifth (and Fourth) Amendments is forgotten so often.

    I must say that I envy the speed of his speech! When I try to speak that quickly, it sounds more like Greek than English!

    Apologies for my absence from comments; I’m still playing the catchup game, but I’ve been following along. Very excellent and thought-provoking material.

    • Dan Fincke

      No problem. What drives me nuts is the presumption of guilt of juries and how invoking the 5th Amendment is taken by most of us as a tacit admission of guilt when it’s such a crucial right we should all cherish for protecting us from governmental abuse of power. It’s like when I follow the torture debate and listen to Americans justify the decimation of our protections for the sake of an unaccountable executive power capable of doing anything it wants to us in the name of whatever justification it wants to give.

      I hope you’re not trying to read every post of the last three weeks before commenting again! Feel free to just jump in wherever you have thoughts—I get both encouragement and inspiration from all the comments.

      thanks for continuing to keep up!

  • Evangelos

    My thoughts exactly!

    No, by no means! I’ve kept up relatively well, I just haven’t had the leisurely luxury to think up thoughtful responses to your posts.