Episcopal Bishops Vote 104-30 To Consecrate Same Sex Unions

Good for the Episcopals:

Progressives in the Episcopal Church were on the verge of claiming another victory Wednesday as leaders endorsed the creation of blessing liturgies for same-sex unions one day after they ended a de facto ban on the ordination of gay bishops.
They pointed to language in the measure that invites “theological reflection” from throughout the wider communion. The Episcopal Church is the U.S. branch of the Anglican Communion.

“I hope it will help us to be more honest, more compassionate, more sympathetic toward one another,” said Bishop Stephen Lane of Maine, who was part of a small group of bishops involved in crafting the compromise. “We have a breadth of opinion [in the church] and no one is compelled to go against their conscience.”

Traditionalists said they believe the church is responding to cultural currents rather than relying on biblical authority to guide its policies.

“Those of us who remain will be a small minority,” Bishop Edward Little of the Diocese of Northern Indiana said before Wednesday’s vote. “I pray there is still room for us.”

The resolution calls for the church to “acknowledge the changing circumstances” in the United States and other countries that result from legislation authorizing or forbidding marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships for gays and lesbians. It says the developments “call forth a renewed pastoral response from this church” and for “theological and liturgical resources and liturgies for the blessing of same-gender relationships.

clergy who object would not be required to deliver the blessings.

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