“Fed up with all this ‘I want to make out with my boyfriend Jesus’ music.'”

Rod Dreher stresses that he has nothing but good will towards Evangelicals and does not mean to bash them but nonetheless relays these interesting critiques of the movement from a couple of former Evangelicals who wound up becoming Orthodox after disaffection with contemporary Evangelical marketing and practices:

I pointed to a particular megachurch, and told a story about how a young Evangelical friend decided he’d had enough of that place, and megachurch Christianity, on the day he was watching the Jumbotron-esque screen behind the stage/altar, and they were broadcasting “Live” (according to the crawl on the screen) from a chapel elsewhere in the building, a baptism. The whole idea of church as multimedia event turned his stomach.My friends in the car both came to Orthodoxy out of Evangelicalism. They got to talking about the praise-and-worship music they left behind. I, who have no experience of Evangelicalism, mentioned something a young Evangelical in Colorado wisecracked to me: that she is pretty fed up with “all this ‘I want to make out with my boyfriend Jesus’ music.” Her point was that too much of the Evangelical worship experience was about building an intensely emotional bond with Jesus Christ. It seemed disordered to her. A former Evangelical who was part of that conversation told me that if I listen closely to the lyrics of many of those praise-and-worship songs, I’ll hear a constant refrain of Self. E.g., “Here I stand at the Cross, Lord…” “Jesus, you do so much for me…” “I, I, I, me, me, me.”

Your Thoughts?  Your Experiences?

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