Happy Birthday, America

We grow up with both so much mythologization and heroicizing of our founders and, in recent decades, a whole lot of necessary demythologizing and lamentations of our national failures, that is hard to simply appreciate what a novel and brilliant experiment it was to really found and design a nation based on a philosophy—and a remarkably impressive one, with logical implications which have led us slowly but seemingly inexorably towards our own continual perfection and away from our heinous original sins.

We are a nation devised by true philosopher kings if ever there was one and it is the brilliance of our ideals of reasonableness, flexibility, individualism, equality, federal unity, and trust in humans to rule themselves which has carried us to a moral prosperity and scientific, technical, and economic power which each go far beyond our individual and collective vices and limitations.

And, so, today I’m proud, both as an American and a philosopher, to say “Happy Birthday, America,” you’re the best.

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